I Am True North

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

An outgoing, world traveler who likes to stay busy with work and adventure. She has always had problematic skin as a teen but thought she would outgrow it as she got older. Sadly, she didn’t and her oily skin causes breakouts to happen easily. These consistent blemishes have really impacted her confidence and left her desperate to try any and everything to help give her skin some relief. Sarah finally caught a break after she tried True North Beauty. Here is her story: 

Sarah’s Story

“All my life I have suffered with acne, but not just any acne, as a teen I was diagnosed with cystic acne. It has been a lifelong battle to manage my skin and I have been on every medication available, including Accutane, to help keep it in check. At my worst, I would layer on makeup to hide my breakouts if I went out in public and I wouldn’t let anyone take pictures of me. There are hardly any photos of me from 17-20 years old! At 29 years old, I discovered TNB and after two weeks of using the products, I could see and feel a difference in my skin! I noticed my skin was not as oily as it usually was and I was having less aggressive breakouts and red patches. After a few months of using TNB consistently, my skin was looking better than it had in years! My dermatologist was even impressed with the change!

Sarah's Ritual 

Now I make TNB part of my daily routine. Every morning I use the Solid Facial Cleaners in the shower and 2-3 times a week I use the Face Polish. I follow that with the Facial Serum two times a day, once after my morning shower and once at night before bed.”

If you are looking for a daily ritual like Sarah's that addresses acne and redness and gives you healthy, clear skin, than click here to purchase the "Sarah Bundle"!