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Peek Inside True North

Peek Inside True North

I recently had a customer contact me asking the name of the company I purchase my skincare products from. I was confused at first and then quickly realized she thought I purchased my skincare product pre-made and she did not know that I formulate and make all of my products.  After that inquiry I decided I should explain how I go about making products you have grown to love!

Every True North product starts with a skincare problem and idea to solve that problem. I then research ingredients, create the formula (recipe) and then get into my "Dream Factory" and see if I can turn what I put on paper into a luxurious, skin loving product. This can sometimes take months and many tries to get the look and feel exactly the way I want it. Once I have a product I then test it out myself (and my loving partner Michael) for at least 30 days, make tweaks and only when I'm happy with the results do I start figuring out how to scale the recipe to larger batch sizes. It does not stop there...I then ask loyal customers to try out the product and ask for brutally honest feedback. I take all of that feedback and make even more changes until it's perfect. This process can take 4-6 months! Once I have a product that has been tested, loved by customers AND does amazing things for our skin, I then start working on packaging design which can take several months to locate and test the right container, create beautiful packaging labels and boxes and ensure the packaging will withstand the shipping process.

I love every step in the creative process!! Some have called me a Chemist...I prefer to think of myself as a 80% Dreamer, 20% Mad Scientist.

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