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Change in Seasons, Change up your Skincare Routine!

Change in Seasons, Change up your Skincare Routine!

I think it’s safe to say that fall is here. Crisp air mornings, chilly nights, changing of the leaves, and pumpkin spice everything is being sold everywhere! With the quick change of the seasons comes along a few more changes that many of us don’t realize it’s happening until we’re in the thick of it; the changing of our day to day routines and the changing of our skin.

Summer is a more carefree time and it’s been drilled into us since our school days that summer is a time for vacation and fun. Also since summers are so short in Maine, we take every opportunity to be outside that we can. Maybe we neglect staying home to clean on a Saturday in favor of going to the beach or try to leave work early every chance we get. But with fall, we start to get into more of a routine and our days become more rote as the weather gets colder. I think to think of this at the “Back to School Mindset.” For those of us that have kids, that means we shift our focus to shuttling kids to practices, checking homework, and attending school events. For those of us that don’t, it usually means focusing more on work and home improvement projects. The dog days of summer are over and we are now buckling down and getting ready for a long winter.

Another change in our routine is how we take care of our skin. In summer, we need to be extra mindful about sun exposure and cleansing off impurities, so we will really want to make sure we use sunscreen, the Solid Cleanser, and Face Polish. In winter we know our skin gets drier so we will want to make sure we are really moisturizing our skin by using the Facial Serum, Illuminating Eye Cream, and Lip Serum. But what about fall? A lot of us forget to moisturize our skin until it’s too late and winter has already taken its toll. That is why we can’t fall too deep into the Back to School Mindset and focus on everything us except our skin.

Fall is actually the perfect time to start prepping your skin for the harsh winter. We want to make sure we are providing our skin a shield of hydration now so it is ready to defend against winter conditions later. Some good products to use now (and throughout winter) would be the Hydration Cream, Oil Cleanser, and Body Oil. As a reminder, while we here at True North Beauty believe that you should use all of the products year round, we understand that may not always be possible to own all the products at once. So, this is our condensed guideline of what to use and a full bottle of each of our products should last you 3-4 months which aligns with the length of seasons.

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