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Finding our True North®

Coming Soon! The US Collection

Coming Soon! The US Collection

Picture this, you and your significant other are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. You are talking about the events of the day and he mentions that his skin is feeling dry. You have noticed but did not say anything because you didn’t know how he would respond. You then mention using a moisturizer to him but he tells you that he does not have time and wouldn’t know what to get. You know how easy True North Beauty has fit into your busy life and encourage him to try your TNB products. The next night he tells you that he noticed a difference already but after a few days divulges that he would love it even more if it was unscented. You love the scent but understand why he may want something unscented.

Well, we heard you and that is why we are launching the new UnScented Collection (US Collection). This is a universal collection that everyone will love and can share!

It’s skincare for you, it’s skincare for him, it’s skincare for US.

Our next collection is about more than amazing skincare - it’s a movement.

  • Confidence is a skill that we can develop. For it to become a lifestyle however it is important to surround ourselves with people and things that support the behaviors to maintain this skill.
  • We believe in confident people. Where every person lives a life of equality, self-assurance, and collaboration.
  • We want to celebrate women and men sharing in confidence building rituals like healthy, clear skin.
  • Our new collection delivers the experience you love about the Be True collection, but it is UnScented.

This inclusive collection is coming soon and we will announce our launch date via our Newsletter in the coming months! So make sure you join our email list by visiting and giving us your email address! Also, if you join our Newsletter, you will get access to a special pre-order sale and exclusive offers that are available only to our subscribers!

If you have any questions about the US Collection, please email us at or ask them during our Facebook Live event on Tuesday, Aug 14, at 7:30 pm. We will be talking about the different products we offer and we will share a little bit more about the US Collection too! Click here to follow us on Facebook! 

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