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Finding our True North®

Confident Natural Beauty

Confident Natural Beauty

What is true beauty to you? I'm not talking about the entertainment industry beauty standards that many of us have grown up comparing themselves to or the now popular social media filtered beauty; I'm talking about the beauty that comes from leading a confident lifestyle and having healthy beautiful skin.  

 It's hard to remember that everyone's definition of beauty is different, especially when so many products, procedures, and expectations are being thrown at us from TV, magazines, social media, and our own internal voices (remember #MantraMonday!). That's why we here at True North Beauty want to highlight beauty that is natural and confident because we believe that confident women are the most beautiful!

 We are introducing "Confident Natural Beauty" and "True Beauty" - The foundation that True North Beauty was built upon. 

 Confidence is our Mission: We want to encourage women to live a lifestyle that reinforces confidence.  When we are confident, we are more likely to be our authentic self and in turn, our natural beauty shines the brightest!

Nature is our Differentiator:  Natural is a play on our natural ingredients and the use of our Chaga.. It also reinforces the beauty that we all already naturally possess.

Beauty is our Commitment: We want women to feel confident and beautiful when they use our products.

True Beauty: Our true beauty is the beauty we carry with us by living a confident lifestyle and being true to ourselves. 

That's how we came up with #ConfidentNaturalBeauty and #TrueBeautyTuesday. We want to hear your stories and see pictures of you feeling your most confident and most beautiful! Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram, use our #'s and tag True North Beauty for your chance to be featured on our social media! Every Tuesday we will share someone’s post to showcase how our True North Beauty users feel Confident Natural and Beautiful and celebrate their True Beauty!

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