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A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

I was speaking with a friend last week and the topic of Mother’s Day came up. Both of us don’t have kids and it reminded me that not everyone has children of their own and people celebrate, or don’t celebrate the day, differently. While we might not be “mothers” in the sense that we have given birth, I believe that nearly all woman possess the characteristics and intuition that give us mothering qualities, and should still be celebrated! Some people are mother figures to step-children, nieces and nephews, neighborhood kids, coworkers, and even pets. Regardless of who you are a mother figure to, I think that it is part of our nature to impart life lessons onto those that look up to us.

Some life lessons are learned by experience, others are taught to us. We all learn life lessons from our family, friends, teachers, and even strangers. One of my biggest influences in my life has been my mother. At 70 years old, even though she is retired, she is still goal oriented and motivated to bring great value into her life. Not only is she very active, but she constantly pushes life to the fullest, and is an overall inspiration to me and my sisters.

When I was growing up my mother taught me how to be strong long before I even knew I needed that lesson. As a child I saw her make choices that were difficult for her, but saw that she made them with strength and conviction. She always put her kids first and instilled values in me that I live by to this day. My mother taught me to love deeply, but at the same time to be strong enough to stand on my own when necessary. She taught me that some things in life are non-negotiable and that when the going gets though, to keep on persevering. I learned from her that when lines get crossed I have to be strong enough to recognize it and confident enough to do what is best for me. But most importantly, my mother taught me to know what I want from life, go after my dreams, and enjoy the journey getting there. So thank you mom, for everything you've taught me and are still teaching me. 

I hope you have a great Mother's Day and whether you are celebrating with your own mom, your kids, your pets, or taking the day to yourself, I hope you take the time to remember some life lessons of your own that you were taught or have taught others.

Happy Mother's Day! 


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