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Finding our True North®

If Less is More, Then Why Aren’t We Doing It?

If Less is More, Then Why Aren’t We Doing It?

Less is More. Do you believe it? In theory, how could you argue? To be free of the cost, waste, space, etc. that weighs us down by always taking on more is the dream, right? The American Dream. Seriously, who wouldn’t want the freedom of being fulfilled by an enriched life with less?!

But that doesn’t seem to be the way that America works. In fact, that seems to be the opposite of the American Dream. America, God love her, is a more-is-more kinda gal. We all know that – hard as we try – it’s certainly the American way to tie your self-worth to how many things you have. And it’s easy to get swept up in it all. I know.

So how can we reconcile the expectations of our family, our community, and the nagging voice in our own head seeking more with the comfort to live with less? How do we live authentically and match our behavior and choices to the truths we claim to live by? How can you even decide what your authentic truth is?

Well, let me tell you a secret: I don’t know. Shocking, I know. And I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to unpack everything that goes into living your universal truth. But I can talk about choices we can make to at least identify, understand, and live by authentic choices to care for your skin. And that’s a start… right?

Just like America, the beauty industry loves a more-is-more mentality. Not just the sheer excess of skincare creams, serums, masks, cleansers (the list goes on!) formulated and advertised, but the steps you’re expected to follow, the treatments, and regimens that can easily take over your whole day (and your whole cabinet, and your whole wallet, and so on…). But what choice do we have? We need these, right? We need the step one cleanser followed by the step two cleanser, the step two toner and the creams and the oils and if that doesn’t work then it’s us, not the product, so try again. And again. And again. 

Ugh. Another secret: trying to break this excessive beauty industry mentality as a beauty company is real hard. While I haven’t cracked it yet, I’ve learned a lot on my journey to follow my true north, and live authentically as a business owner and a woman, so I’m hoping I can help you. Sure, it might not be as astounding as solving the dissidence of your psyche, but it’s a start. 

You ready?

First step: Know Yourself. I know, I know – don’t get mad. You already know all of these ‘secrets,’ right? But take a minute. Really think about your skin, your skincare goals, your needs, your budget, your planning, and your time. When you put all of those together, who are you as a consumer? Have you actually thought about it? Or do you just see something you like at the store and grab it? How does that quick jar you grabbed fit into your overall skincare goals, your routine, and your budget? Do you know?

Here are some choices to explore who you are: 

Are you a skinimalist? Someone who understands the value of cleansing and (most of the time) moisturizing, but doesn’t go beyond two or three simple steps that are quick and easy. 

Are you a ritualist? Someone who appreciates the thoughtful practice of cleansing, hydrating, and restoring your skin morning and night. While your routine is manageable, it takes an investment, includes more than four products, and is an important part of your day.

Are you an enthusiast? Someone who values, makes time for, and relishes the skincare process, who loves the immersive regimens of skincare and is fully invested in each thoughtful step to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and restore each and every day (usually more than once for as long as it takes).

Knowing the skincare process that works best for your skin, time, and budget is huge to understanding how you can authentically live by your skincare rules. That’s why we’ve developed discovery tools for you to explore what your skincare persona is all about and how to get exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Check out the Skincare Finder page on our website for more options!

In our next blog, we’ll talk about step two in our journey to authentic living – at least with our skincare. While you might not be surprised by my ‘secrets,’ you’re going to love what we’ve got to say about the beauty industry!

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