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In A Word

This is the time of year when we find ourselves reflecting on the year past and begin to anticipate all of the possibilities of the new year. May of us…self included feel the need to create a list of all of the things we are going to do or not do in the new year. Far too often this list is laced with feelings of guild or disappointment. Do any of these sound familiar?


Last year I had a friend share a brilliant idea. Rather than creating a list of lofty goals that we forget about (until we can’t fit in our bathing suit in the summer), she recommended coming up with a single word that would shape our thoughts and actions for the year. A single, powerful and defining word.

The exercise sounds pretty easy right…but it proved to be challenging. The goal is not to JUST pick a word, but to get to the root of your purpose and focus on what will truly bring value to your life. 


A group of friends and I experimented with this idea last year. We each came up with our word, and shared it along with it’s meaning with each other. We were able to help one another and cheer each other along…and the results were inspiring.

One friend, a professional and mother of 2 beautiful young children chose the word “Habit”. You see she loved to run and hike but balancing her career and family meant that she could not find the time to do something that she personally loved. Candidly this friend struggled with selecting a words that was so “me” focused, but with confidence she did. By focusing on her single word throughout the year she was able to condition and train to reach a goals she never imagined. She and a group of friends courageously hiked the Grand Canyon this fall.

It is tempting to resolve to be a “better mom”, but I guarantee that by my friend focusing on her own physical and mental health her daughters got a happier more fulfilled mom…and the memory of their mom kicking some major butt and achieving such an inspiring goal.

A resolution many times is tied to something that is too aspirational or meant for someone else’s, but a word…your word has meaning when chosen by you, just for you.

What will bring meaning to your new year?  What is your word for 2017?

Love & Happiness!,


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