Finding our True North®

Trust in True North Beauty

Trust in True North Beauty

Trust has always been one of my most valued characteristics. I’m the type that trusts people up front and am thoughtful about ensuring that I'm engaging with others in a way that maintains their trust in me. I’m not perfect and people have varying options about me but I would be devastated if I knew that someone did not trust me - it would shake me to my core.

I learned years ago from a great leader that trust only forms when words and actions come together. It comes when you operate with transparency; which you can do by being clear with your intentions, manage others expectations, communicate effectively and clearly, and by being honest with those around your and yourself. One of our core beliefs at True North Beauty is to operate transparently. By doing so, I have been able to achieve my personal mission of building TNB on the foundation of integrity which allows me to engage my customers in a way that builds and maintains trust.

I consider TNB to be an extension of me and because of that I strive every day to establish trusting relationships with anyone that comes in contact with the company. In order to accomplish this, I have to take action. Here are a few examples of how I back up my beliefs with action:

Products: I do not make products just to make them, rather every product comes from a genuine need that customers share or I experience. I test our formulas for months for simplicity of use, effectiveness, and results before releasing them to the public.

Ingredients: I personally source every ingredient and only purchase from companies in the US that have the best reputation within the industry. All of our ingredients are natural with the exception of the fragrance in the Be True Collection. Because I'm allergic to essential oils, we opted to use a synthetic fragrance to get our signature scent so because of that the collection is 99.75% natural. However, our Us Collection is 100% natural.

Results: Because of stringent testing and personal experience, I am able to tell you what our products will do for your skin and what they will not. I don’t set the expectation that our products are a quick fix and will transform your skin overnight. It takes your skin years to lose its elasticity, develop brown spots, show wrinkles, etc. so naturally, it will take some time to restore it. I do believe that if you consistently use our products you will see noticeable results over time! If our products do not meet your expectations, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee rule. Simply let us know what product didn’t work for you and why, and we will refund your money and you can keep the product.

Messaging: Life can be messy. I still share with you what is going on in my life – even when it’s not pretty! I think there is value in knowing you are not alone and that your problems, while they might feel unique, are most likely the same problems that someone else is facing. When problems seem bigger than reality they feel like they are impossible to overcome. This is why I like to share my stories and stories from other women, in the hopes that just one person can take something away from our experience to help them with theirs. I always encourage open dialogue on our social media and blog posts because I want you to know me as a person and I want to you know as one too. I think of you as more than my customers, you are my friends, my inspiration, and my WHY.

A Brand You and Your Family Can Trust: I recently had a customer reach out to tell me she was purchasing the new Us Collection for her teenage son’s acne and her husband’s dry skin. I asked why she chose TNB and this was her response:


These examples are only a portion of how I strive to instill trust into the True North Beauty brand. Since I operate with transparency, I encourage you to reach out to me at any time with any questions, concerns, compliments, or critiques you may have. I want to make sure that everything I do is helping my customers in some way and serves a purpose. True North Beauty is not just my company, it’s also yours. You are the reason I started it and you are the reason I keep going. I hope you trust not only the brand, but also me and will continue on this journey with us!

Sharing our Beliefs

Sharing our Beliefs

Looking back, 2018 was a learning year for us. We tried some new things, got feedback from customers, and did a few things differently operationally. Moving forward we are treating 2019 as a growing year and really getting into our own groove as a company. As a small business we always aim to operate thoughtfully and deliberately so we can build on each year and continue to learn and grow. This month I wanted to talk openly about our business beliefs. One of our beliefs is to have transparency with our customers and what better way to have that than to tell you about some things that you can expect from us in the coming year!

We believe in following your True North. I named the company True North to reinforce the importance of discovering your purpose and passion and using that as your guide for making decisions in life. We believe that by following your True North you are remaining true to yourself and living each day with confidence, passion, and purpose.

We believe in listening to our customers. We value you and your opinion and we truly want to hear it! That is why we are going to be sending out a survey within the next few months to ask you about your experience with True North Beauty and what you are looking for in a skincare company. We plan to use your answers to help shape our messaging, test new product ideas, and see how we are performing as a company. Your feedback is a gift and it matters!

We believe in bringing you value. We want to make sure that you are not only getting clear, healthy skin from True North Beauty, but also getting the lifestyle tips, inspiration, and confidence boosting encouragement that you desire! We will be running polls on Facebook to gauge your interest on blog topics to make sure that we are talking about the things you want to hear!

We believe you can trust us. There will be more about this in next week’s blog post! Check back next week to see why “Trust” is our word for 2019 and why True North Beauty is a product and brand that you and your family can trust!

We believe in confidence. The foundation of True North Beauty is helping to build people’s confidence and encourage them to live their best life. We believe that having confidence is the first step in achieving your dreams. True North started out as a hobby, then blossomed into a business idea, and finally came to fruition as a legit business. Without having confidence in myself – my ideas and abilities, I might not have pursued this venture or followed my True North!

We believe you are our WHY. You are the reason I started this company, you are the reason I keep pushing ahead, and you are the person I want to see gain the confidence to live your best life. Right now, with your encouragement, I am living my best life. I am doing what I love and I love what I do and that would not be possible without the support of customers like YOU.

As a company we strive to always operate in accordance with our beliefs and be transparent in doing so. If you ever have any questions or feedback about our products, operations, or True North Beauty as a company, please reach out to us at, or just reach out to say hi!



Hello 2019! Welcome to the New Year! Wow, has this past year flown by! So much has happened in 2018 with True North Beauty. I started working on it full-time, got married, expanded our team, officially named our signature scent, added Body Oil to the Be True Collection, introduced #MondayMantra, #TrueBeautyTuesday and our brand hashtags #DiscoverTrueNorth and #ConfidentNaturalBeauty, launched our UnScented Collection, partnered with ROX, started selling in more retail stores, participated in Scratchpad and Green Light Maine, celebrated our 3rd birthday, and picked our word for 2019! PHEW! I should be exhausted but I feel like we are just getting started!

Last year was a discovery year with our focus on getting people to #DiscoverTrueNorth. We introduced ourselves as a skincare company and lifestyle brand and focused on women’s #ConfidentNatrualBeauty. Our messaging included #MondayMantras that were all about learning how to cope with different life stressors, how to stay positive and moving forward when faced with them. Our #TrueBeautyTuesdays were all about celebrating some of our current badass customers. Our weekly blog posts were all about introducing who we are, telling you about our products, ingredients, and where to find them, and giving you tips and encouragement on how to be more confident in all aspects of your life. Throughout the year we encouraged you to build a vision board and start a bullet journal, set goals big and small for yourself, practice self-love, and to be comfortable and happy in your own skin; it was essentially a crash course in the fundamentals of confidence.

This year we aim to build on last year’s ideas, tips, and discovery of True North Beauty and really discuss what True North Beauty is and what it means. Our goal is to include everyone in the discussion and make #ConfidentNatrualBeauty something that everyone can celebrate as we expand our brand to focus on #SkincareForAll. One thing we noticed last year was how wholeheartedly people were embracing the True North Beauty philosophy and connecting with our mission. People were using our products with simple application and getting superior results. They were living their most confident life because they had clear, healthy skin and they had the tools and support system to develop, build up, and achieve confidence. As we’ve said before, we are so much more than a skincare and lifestyle company, True North Beauty is a community and you are a member for life.

That is why we want to share with your our new brand messaging and hashtags for 2019. We have always believed in being transparent with our customers and want to tell you what to expect from us in the coming year. We have four main messages we want to start a conversation around and we have two new hashtags for you to start using on Facebook and Instagram: #IamTrueNorth and #SkincareForLife.

Trust: This is our 2019 Word of the Year. We will be talking about how you can learn to trust in yourself, others, and us. We will share personal experiences, tips, and stories from people just like you on how they overcame obstacles by learning how to trust. We will also share how True North Beauty is a brand you can trust and show you how our products work and make a difference in people’s lives.

Ritual: We focused a lot last year on the ritual of your skincare routine and practicing confidence building. This year we will expand on that and talk about the ritual between life and skincare and how they go hand in hand with building and having confidence.

Inspiration: As you might notice, we are no longer going to be featuring #TrueBeautyTuesday on our social media. While we loved showcasing our customers in that light, we wanted to try something a little different this year, something more personal that people can connect to. We are going to be starting a #IamTrueNorth series that features stories from customers that inspire us. These will be real customers who embrace the True North Beauty lifestyle by having purpose, passion, and confidence. We hope by sharing their stories others will feel inspired by them just like we have!

Lifelong: Now that you have had a chance to #DiscoverTrueNorth and see the amazing results you get from using it, you can see that True North Beauty is #SkincareForLife. While we still believe in creating #SkincareForAll and that everyone should practice a skincare routine, we recognize that just like life, people’s skincare needs goes through stages. We will talk about how you can fit True North Beauty into your routine, no matter what you are going through personally or skin-wise and also give you tips on building healthy rituals early and for life. Lastly, we also will have some exciting product launches coming your way later this year! So stay tuned!

    There you have it, our messaging for 2019! After reading through this we hope you can see how all of these topics will tie together and get excited for our upcoming blog posts this year! We thank you for discovering us in 2018 and we look forward to growing with you in 2019.

    Happy New Year!