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A Word for the Year

A Word for the Year

I love the start of a New Year. I feel like I get to put all of the things that did not go well in the past and start fresh. Each New Year I break out my new Bullet Journal, clean out my email inbox, and for years I used to make a list of all the things I wanted to do different or not do that year. Over time I found that this list made me feel bad about myself. Much of the list pointed out the things I did not like about myself or things that I failed at the previous year. Usually I would forget all the things on the list within a month and I didn’t feel that the list helped me grow or move forward.

Several years ago I learned about the Word Approach and tossed out the list routine that I had been in favor of the Word Approach. Basically at the start of the year you pick a word that will shape your thoughts and actions for the year. This word is meant to be a single, powerful, and defining word. To learn more about this approach, check out my blog post from December 2016!


Words Matter.

In 2017 my word was “Believe.”  I had just taken on a promotion at my full time job when in reality all I wanted to do was to be able to spend my energy on True North Beauty. But in my heart I knew it was not the right time to leave my career. I needed to believe that my time would come and that I needed to take this time to build a strong foundation. I had to believe in my plan.

My 2018 word was “Courage.” Originally I was considering fearless but I decided that having fear is natural and overcoming one’s fears is important in confidence building. I did not want to be without fear but rather have the courage to go after the things in life that scare me the most! This was the year that I made the decision to leave my full time job and work on TNB full time. I used my word all year long to help remind me that I had the courage and confidence to do this and in November 2017 I took a leap and now run TNB full time.

This year for 2019 I considered words like patience, strive, strong, brave, and healthy. But upon reflecting on 2018 the things that slowed me down or created the most uncertainty revolved about my trust in myself and the plan.

So my word for 2019 is “Trust.” I am going to take this year to trust my decisions and trust that everything will work out in the end as it is supposed to. Using my word this year I hope to gain trust in myself, my instincts, and trust in the people around me and on my team. I will not be upset over challenges presented to me but rather trust that they are designed to make me stronger and I will overcome them. Most importantly I will trust that I am on the right path. When self-doubt creeps in I will use my word to trust myself that success is within me and trust that I will not fail, but rather I will fly!

What is your word for 2019? Share it with me below, I’d love to hear it!




Love Letter: Thank you to my Customers

Love Letter: Thank you to my Customers

Dear Customers,

As we close out 2018 and start a new chapter in 2019, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on this past year and sincerely thank you all for being a part of this incredible ride. Without you, none of this would be possible. People always ask me why I stated my own business. Everyone is different and some people start a business because they love making or doing something or are trying to fulfill need. Although I do enjoy making luxurious skincare, I actually started True North Beauty to help other women. I wanted to meet women, like you, at critical points in their lives and help cultivate both the confidence and natural beauty that they carry within them. You are my WHY.

Nothing thrills me more than to hear stories of women gaining confidence and living a more fulfilled life that comes from having healthy, clear skin. A women once told me she was not going to go to her high school reunion because she did not feel good about her skin, but she started using True North Beauty and said she “walked into the room with confidence.” Another women shared with me that never felt good about her skin so she gave TNB a shot and soon after she was stopped at a family event and a family member told her how beautiful her skin looked. I even had the mother of a teenager tell me that her child was able to discontinue taking harsh acne medication after using TNB! When uncertainty creeps in (and this happens often) its stories like these from people like you that give me the focus and fuel I need to overcome those moments. It reminds me of my WHY and it keeps me motivated and moving forward following my True North.

I named the company True North to reinforce the importance of discovering your purpose and passion and using that as your guide for making decisions in life. Following your True North is about remaining true to yourself and living each day with confidence and purpose. I consider myself fortunate to be able to spend every day thinking about our customers and figuring out what they need to live a confident life and how I can bring that to them. Whether it is amazing skin, words of encouragement, or self-improvement challenges, I am always trying to provide something that will help build my customers confidence and improve their well-being.

I do not take this opportunity I have been given for granted and I truly appreciate the support from all of my family, friends, and customers. You are the reason I started this company, you are the reason I keep pushing ahead, and you are the person I want to see gain the confidence to live your best life. Right now, with your encouragement, I am living my best life. I am doing what I love and I love what I do and that would not be possible without the support of customers like YOU.

Thank you for being on this journey with me in 2018 and I look forward to seeing how far we can go in 2019!



Being Present is the Best Present

Being Present is the Best Present

I recently went out to dinner and was seated near a large family that was together celebrating a birthday. As I scanned their table, it made me smile to see this family come together to celebrate their loved one. But one thing I noticed as I glanced down the table was how many people in the group had their phones out and were looking at them. I stopped and took in the rest of the restaurant and noticed that a lot of other people at tables were doing the same thing – looking at their phone while the rest of their party was engaged with each other. I could see some people laughing and smiling and others had blank looks on their faces that were illuminated from their phone screens. It really got me thinking about how plugged in we are to our phones and social media and how easily accessible it is. If you ever feel bored or out of place in a conversation it’s so easy to check out; simply look at your phone as a way to emotionally escape while still being physically present.

*stock image, not a real photo

As I looked back at the table I saw a women who seemed to be around my age, turn her attention to a 20-something male that was looking at his phone and sitting a few seats down from her. She said something specific to him and I saw his face light up and he put the phone down right away. He excitedly started talking and soon the people in between them were putting down their phones and joining in. Soon everyone was laughing and smiling and they all seemed to be really happy. This made me realize that to some people the best gift we can give them is our undivided attention and to be present and engaged. People want to spend time with others and interact with them, so why is it that we sometimes feel the need to constantly look at our phones when we are with loved ones?

The holidays are usually a time where family and friends who might go all year long without seeing each other, finally get together to celebrate. I know when I go back home, I love spending time with my parents and sisters, catching up, laughing, and creating new memories. While I am able to stay up to date on their lives because of modern technology, nothing can really replace the feeling of connection I get when I sit in a room with them and simply hang out and talk. I think that is why I was so interested in watching the dynamic of this family play out at dinner. I was able to see firsthand how someone deciding to unplug and be present and engaging could change a whole family dinner. It really was an eye opening experience that led me to share it with all of you and create a holiday challenge for you!

This holiday season, I challenge you all to unplug and be present while you’re with family and friends. I am not simply talking about putting away your phone, but I am also talking about being engaging with them. I want you to try and give family and friends your attention and hold a meaningful conversation with them, without once looking at your phone. By giving them your undivided attention, listening, and engaging with them you are showing them that you value, appreciate, and care about them and that makes people feel really good. So I challenge you to give the best gift you can this Christmas to your family and friends, the gift of being unplugged and present.