Chaga & Manuka Honey Purifying Face Polish Treatment
Chaga & Manuka Honey Purifying Face Polish Treatment
Chaga & Manuka Honey Purifying Face Polish Treatment

Chaga & Manuka Honey Purifying Face Polish Treatment

Polish Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Your natural beauty should not be hidden by dull, dry skin. Gently exfoliate surface debris to reveal a soft glowing complexion with purifying antioxidant treatment granules, incorporated in a moisture rich Manuka honey cream.

  • Gently exfoliate surface debris with purifying antioxidant treatment granules.
  • Reveal a softer, more youthful complexion by minimizing the appearance of pores, and eliminating blackheads.
  • Experience nourishing moisture with rich Manuka honey cream, rich oils, and our unique, proprietary Chaga Wild Harvest Blend antioxidants.
Customers report this product lasting 4 or more months when used according to the instructions.

    Place a quarter-sized scoop of True North Face Polish in wet hands and gently rub them together to create a paste. Gently massage into damp skin using circular motion. Best if applied in shower or over sink as some granules will fall. Allow to set for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Use 2-3 times weekly or as desired. For best results, use in conjunction with True North Solid Cleanser followed by Hydration Cream.


    Antioxidant -Rich Chaga Wild Harvest Blend™
    Manuka Honey
    Chaga Granules
    Organic Sunflower Oil
    Coconut Oil
    Coco Butter
    Avocado Oil
    Apricot Oil
    Caster Oil
    Green Tea Extract
    Hydrated Honey
    Colloidal Oatmeal
    Ground Walnut Shells
    Vitamin E 

    What makes our blend different?
    The Chaga Wild Harvest Blend™ provides nearly fifty times the Antioxidant ORAC value that some of the most antioxidant-rich ingredients in nature, like the Acai berry, provide. Our special ingredient blend is unique to True North. You won’t find it formulated our way in any other luxury skincare line.

      Why Chaga Wild Harvest Blend™  is Important For Your Skin?
      Contains the highest known natural antioxidant concentrations Provides nourishing B-Vitamins, flavonoids, enzymes, minerals and phenols Contains an abundance of melanin, an important anti-aging compound for the skin Rich in Zinc - which helps with proper cell growth Anti-aging properties Anti-fungal & anti-candida Antiviral & Anti-bacterial Anti-Inflammatory

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