You are the beauty in True North Beauty

When I started True North Beauty, a lot of people in my circle had pushback. 

Luckily it wasn’t about me starting a Chaga-infused skincare line. It was about the name. 

My mentors and business networks argued that that creating an eco-conscious, minimalist skincare line rooted in nature shouldn’t use the word beauty in the title. Beauty conjures too many images of vanity and ego to fit the ethos of this natural, Maine-made line. 

And (as you can tell by the name) I disagreed; I believe whole heartedly that beauty doesn’t refer to narcissism and fake glamour. 

Beauty is simple. It is natural. Beauty comes from honesty and truth. 

Beauty is being the truest version of yourself.

This is why beauty has always been the founding principal of our brand. 

Not because I want customers to see ‘beauty’ on our label and expect to wake up looking like a magical, youthful princess. I want you have the truth, and sorry honey; magical princesses aren’t real. What is real is what makes you beautiful: your confidence, the way you carry yourself and treat others, your values and principals. And that is what True North Beauty can deliver: skincare empowers you, boosts your confidence, and makes you see your true, inner beauty when you look in the mirror. 

I want to take back the word beauty.

Not to gloss over the fact that yes, in today’s world our self-worth is tied to how we look. But instead so that we can look at beauty as being honest with ourselves and feeling amazing in our skin. And for the days that you don’t feel so great in your skin, we can help you find that confidence again with our clean, natural skincare crafted in small batches using ingredients sourced in Maine. No toxins, parabens, chemicals, or anything that will take away from your honest beauty. With True North Beauty, you get eco-luxe ingredients that will keep skin hydrated, clear of blemishes, and looking your best so that you can feel your best. 

In 2023, beauty will be my word of the year.

This is the word that will I will reflect on when making choices and brainstorming new ideas. 

This word is the founding principal of True North Beauty because we’ve always been a beauty brand, not a skincare brand. Skincare is the byproduct of the real work, which is to invest in the whole woman - you. 

You are the beauty in True North Beauty. And creating a community that uplifts you, supports you, and makes you feel your very best is why I’m in this business. 

 That is the real work, and therein lies the real beauty.