True Crew

The True Crew is not just an ambassador program, it's a way to help women cultivate both the confidence and natural beauty that they carry within.

What Is The True Crew?

Have you ever noticed that no one boosts your confidence like a friend? So, we thought: why not include some friends in our mission to promote #confidentnaturalbeauty with the world?

Our True Crew is made up of individuals who embody our mission and who will join us on this creative journey to share skincare and build community. 

The True Crew is not just about using and loving True North products (though, that's a bonus!). It's about engaging in meaningful and authentic connection and building a brand you trust and deserve. 

How Does It Work?


What you love about True North!

Products and discounts!

Community and support!

People achieve healthy, clean skin!
Women invest in themselves!
Build a brand you love!



Those around you achieve 

The Perks

Meet Our Founding True Crew Members

I'm Tracy, a busy mom from Ohio with a  passion for the outdoors. Between work, family, and friends, I have little time for skincare. That's why I love that True North is easy to use. It's simple but get powerful results. I especially love the sustainable commitment to environmentally friendly products.

Hi, I'm Liz. I live in Virginia with my husband, three active boys, and a career in nonprofit. When I hit my mid-40s, I realized it was finally time to invest in a skincare ritual that worked for me. But where to start? True North and its unique offerings of quizzes and consultations helped me find the simple, easy-to-follow ritual I've been looking for! 

I'm Sarah, a recent graduate of the University of Maine. While in school, I struggled to find a skincare line that I could feel good about using. I love True North Beauty for the thoughtful, passionate campaigns that put people over profit - and it's all clean and cruelty free. This brand inspires confidence in every individual and that's so important to me. 

Hey there! I'm Phoebe and I live in Massachussetts where I stay busy hiking, seeing theater, singing loudly in the car, and spending time with my husband and son. I love the natural simplicity of True North and I want others to experience the joy of an easy skincare routine that feels good and makes your skin feel even better. 

Hey, I'm Morgan in Maine. Rarely does anything stop me from running, hiking, lacrosse, or exploring with my kids. But I will stop and tell anyone about True North Beauty! I love that their products are easy, feel luxorious, and smell divine. They are simple and quick to use, even for the busiest people. The Chaga-infused ingredients keep my skin protected and clear all year! 

Are you next? We are currently looking for empowered individuals who love easy-to-use, natural and clean products that are sustainable and cruelty-free. More importantly, we want people who are committed to building a community of trust and confidence in True North and ourselves! Apply today to join our network of #confidentnaturalbeauty.

Still Curious About the True Crew?

  • Am I selling True North Beauty products?

A: No. There is no expectation to meet a sales quota or build an empire. We simply want our friends to help us share True North with the world. This can be through posting on social media, talking about it with your nearest and dearest, and using our products regularly. The True Crew is an ambassador program in its most genuine form: simply for people who love the brand and want to talk about it! 

  • So, what does the True Crew do?

A: Our True Crew are like-minded individuals who are committed to sharing the True North values of bolstering self-confidence, empowering those around them, and finding the natural beauty in all things. We brainstorm ways to share True North with our friends and family, create brand awareness, test products, and build a community of warmth and inclusion.

  • What are the expectations?

A: There is no daily checklist to accomplish as a member of the True Crew. Day to day, we simply ask that you talk about the product when it comes up naturally in conversation and use our product to show the world the benefits of our natural, yet luxurious products. We do hope you'll engage on social media - ours or your own - at least once a week; this can be engaging meaninful conversation, sharing our posts, or starting conversation with our followers. We hope you'll post when you're using the product or seeing results you love!

  • What do I get out of it?

A: We hope that you'll get a warm sense of community, affirmation and gratitude for your work, and a strong sense of accomplishment! But yes, you'll also get free products! And you'll be an integral part of the company from the ground up by helping us brainstorm new products, testing scents, labels, and colors, and serving as a sounding board as we build True North Beauty!

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Are you ready to share your love for True North Beauty, your community, and , most importantly, yourself?

We can't wait for you to join us. Answer the questions below to apply today! 

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Still mulling it over?

We get it. You're excited about the True Crew, but not quite ready to commit. Stay connected while you think it over! Join The Inner Circle to learn more about True North, our community and the True Crew! 

 The Inner Circle is our Facebook community where we share ideas for clean beauty, tips and tricks for using True North products, ask questions, and seek advice on ways to grow personally and professionally.  We hope you'll join us!