About True North

To us, True North, is an unshakeable set of values that is unique to every individual. It represents confidence, truth, genuine presence, and alignment with the present. Our true north helps guide us in times of uncertainty and can help us become our best possible self.

True North started out as a passion project born from the inspiration I found while going on a journey through a difficult time in my life. The idea for the company came to me based off my love for using beauty products and being creative. By using natural ingredients to create luxurious formulas for our skincare products, we are committed to helping every person find their True North through healthy, clear, skin. Our products are designed and formulated to reveal natural beauty, and with it, natural confidence - without sacrificing luxury or simplicity.

True North Beauty currently features 3 distinct product lines:

The Be True Collection: From nourishing your skin with Body Oil after you get out of the shower to cleansing away impurities at the end of your day, this mango-cilantro scented collection is our full-body ritual that helps keep your skin in great condition every day.

The Universal Collection: Take your skincare ritual to the next level by using these products in conjunction with our Be True / Us Collection. This collection gives a glow to not only your face, but also to your lips, and the sensitive skin around your eyes by giving them the ultimate hydration boost that your skin craves.

The Us Collection: To make sure everyone in your family has great skin, we created the Us Collection. This unscented, shareable ritual works for all skin types so it is perfect for busy couples to use together at home or when traveling, and it’s great for those who might be sensitive to fragrance.


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