About Heather


"I’m inspired by women who are strong, women who push really hard, women who help other women, women who are proud and confident, and women who live a life full of purpose and passion and are grateful for every day."  

Heather Lux, Founder of True North


Several years ago, I came to a point in life where I felt I’d completely lost all the direction and purpose I had in my twenties. I realized that I’d become uncomfortable in my own skin and that I wasn’t living life for *me* anymore.

To try and get myself back on track, I went on a journey; during this trip I made an effort to reconnect with myself and define my goals. I ended up rediscovering both my confidence and my purpose - my “true north.”

True North started out as a passion project born from my journey, and I used to sell my handmade products at the local farmer’s market! It was during these beginning stages that I was able to connect with women who shared my experience - women who struggled with finding balance, beauty, and confidence in their everyday lives.

Today, True North exists for the woman who is looking to build and maintain her confidence through luxurious and natural skincare. I want to help every woman discover her “true north” - the point that grounds us - as well as her natural beauty and her confidence.

True North is more than just a brand: it’s a lifestyle marked by confidence and passion.