About Heather


"In my mind, a truly confident person is the most beautiful. 

Heather Lux, Founder of True North Beauty

Many years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. I had just moved to Maine, hundreds of miles away from my family and friends in Ohio, my marriage was ending, and I was working crazy hours for a Fortune 100 company. I felt that I had completely lost all the direction and purpose I had in my twenties and that my life was not going the way I envisioned it. I realized that I’d become uncomfortable in my own skin and that I wasn’t living life for me anymore.

To try and get myself back on track, I went on a solo journey and during this trip I made an effort to reconnect with myself and define my life goals. I ended up rediscovering my confidence and purpose in life and redefined my passions. Going through that experience helped reignite my spirit and as a people-person I learned that I am at my best and feel the most fulfilled when I am helping people find their best sees. From that moment on, I knew I was going to do things with purpose and follow my “true north.” Soon after my journey, True North Beauty was born.

Today, I am happily married to the love of my life, Michael, and we live on a beautiful lake in northern Maine with our Bernese Mountain Dogs. I left my corporate career in 2017 and together, Michael and I both work on True North Beauty full-time. In our spare time, we love to be outdoors with our dogs and spend time with family and friends.

Heather, 90% dreamer/ 10% mad scientist, her husband Michael, a retired Navy Master Chief and Heather's perfect match, and Brad their Bernese Mountain dog and loyal friend.


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