Our Story

Shortly after turning 40 I was noticing a lot of changes with my skin. It was losing its elasticity, fine lines were turning into wrinkles, red spots on my cheeks, and acne that I hadn’t seen since my 20’s were popping up seemingly overnight! I was frustrated with how my skin looked but I didn’t want to apply a bunch of chemicals to my skin and give up the experience that luxury products provided me. I needed a new skincare routine so I went shopping and quickly noticed that the natural options on the market lacked the elegance that I had become accustomed to. Still, I gave them a shot and to my disappointment they felt heavy, clogged my pores, and the scent was too earthy and off-putting. But mostly they did not resolve my skin issues and made me break out more. Right then I knew that if I wanted products that were natural, effective, and luxurious feeling, I needed to make my own skincare routine.

This all happened around the same time I discovered Chaga in my backyard. After a long walk through the woods in the back of my house I came up with the idea of incorporating Chaga into skincare. I then started to research, formulate, and test different product options for a complete skincare routine that used Chaga. Eventually, I created an innovative way of extracting all of the amazing properties found in Chaga without using the traditional fermentation method, which involves using skin-drying grain alcohols. After months of testing on myself and once I was happy with the products and results, I began sharing with friends and family.

It was during these beginning stages that I was able to connect with others who shared my experience - others who struggled with finding balance, beauty, purpose, passion, and confidence in their everyday lives. It soon became clear to me that by selling products, I was connecting with people and helping them achieve confidence through healthy, clear skin and positive words of encouragement. I realized I was fulfilling my purpose of making a difference in people’s lives while following my passion and that is how my purpose turned into a full-time business.

True North is now a blossoming skincare and lifestyle brand. It exists for the person who is looking to build and maintain their confidence and achieve healthy, clear, skin. It is for those who want to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who strive to live a full life marked by confidence and passion. True North Beauty’s messaging and products help people live their life to the fullest and encourages them to discover their “true north” - the point that grounds us - as well as discovering their own natural beauty and confidence.

Confidence, beauty, and trust are the mainstays of our brand, and with them, we are committed to providing our customers with amazing skin care products and a truly unique experience.

"Our mission is to meet people at a crucial point in their lives and help them cultivate both the confidence and natural beauty that they carry within.”

Heather Lux, Founder of True North Beauty