What Makes True North Beauty Different?


People love to ask me as a business owner what my greatest accomplishment is. I think they expect me talk about my proprietary Chaga-infused formula. Or they want me to share more about my award-winning micro-facility where we sustainably formulate all of our clean products using natural ingredients. Oh, and our incredible 100% satisfaction rate with customers.

But, if I'm being honest: the pride and joy of this company is my customers. You inspire me.  I love the way that you give to others, that you consistently uplift other women-owned businesses, celebrate achievements of those around you, and support young women to achieve their goals.

I see this in the way you purchase. For years, True North has offered customers the opportunity to add on a donation to their total; the money donated will be matched and will go directly to a charity identified by our customers. 

Without fail, you have always give. Even during a global pandemic, our customers stepped up to empower, support, and uplift women and girls. This is what sets you apart and this is what makes me the proudest. I have the most generous customers.

Your Purchase Has Power

In the past six years, our customers have shared with us and asked True North Beauty to partner with charities that are close to their hearts. We are so moved by the work these organizations do and are so honored to help support these valuable missions. But what is truly moving is how the community we have built at True North takes action to uplift these charities, too.  

Each year, True North customers donate their money when purchasing, clean, natural skincare to charities that empower, embolden, and support women and young girls. 

In the last year alone, our customers donated over $400 to Eastern Maine Lacrosse so that young women can earn scholarships to participate in teambuilding and leadership through sport. This organization was brought to our attention by a long-time customer who wanted to do more to support a mission that built self-esteem in young women. 

In years passed, you've donated to Girl Develop It, a nonprofit that provides affordable education to diversify tech by providing women and non-binary adults accessible, safe places to develop code, confidence and community. This non-profit was introduced to us by a new customer. 

Before that, we supported ROX (Ruling Our Experiences), an organization that empowers young women using research and evidence-based programming to simultaneously impact girls, educate and support the adult influencers in girls' lives and improve the societal conditions that have the potential to negatively impact girls. 

We've been listening to your ideas and love learning what is important to you; your heart and passion for helping others is what sets you apart. That is why we are thrilled to give to other charities that have similar missions of empowering women. 

This year we were introduced to Aaron’s Presents by a member of our True Crew, Phoebe. Through a personal connection, she knows the powerful mission of this organization is one that deserves recognition and support; and we are so honored to help Phoebe share the meaning of this work. Aaron’s Presents is a non-profit that gives young children an opportunity to dream up and carry out a project that benefits others, gaining valuable leadership and project management skills in the process.

Mom gift ideas skincare for teens and mom

To help these empowered youth see their dreams come to fruition, Aaron's Presents provides:

  1. Hands-on, individualized mentoring 
  2. Materials and services
  3. Logistical help to any child in 8th grade or below who wants to carry out an idea that benefits at least one other person, animal, and/or the environment. 

Leah Okimoto, the Executive Director at Aaron's Presents, shares, "I believe in this work more than ever; I see these kids feel alive doing these projects. Kids really need experiences with meaning, heart and soul. They crave deeper meaning and purpose for their lives, and a lot of what they’re offered with social media and the rest are not filling that need."

Through the process of giving, children discover the value of their ideas and unique qualities and their ability to make the world better exactly as they are at every age and stage. 

The organization follows the children’s vision as they create and lead a memorable, meaningful, and fun experience by practicing kindness, empathy, and generosity. Nearly all of the youth (85%) that are involved in this work primarily come from the gateway cities of Lawrence and Lowell, Massachusetts, where there is a large equity gap but also huge opportunities to make a difference.

When you give to Aaron's Presents, you're not just helping a child participate in one community service project for a pat on the back. You are contributing to a child's positive youth development and helping them to see giving back as a part of their larger purpose. 

And this is truly the reason I created this company: to build a community of women who support, uplift, and empower each other. And you do, consistently. For each other, for your friends and families, and for organizations that matter to women in our community. Thank you for being my True North.