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Do You Know What’s On Your Face?

Do You Know What’s On Your Face?

There are over 25,000 skincare products on the market. And these companies make up nearly half of the global market. It’s a huge industry. And with all these choices comes a baffling number of questions and equally baffling product language that leaves us questioning things like, ‘what are free radicals and why do I even care about them?’ 

Well… where do you even start in your skincare journey with all of the advertisements, websites, and endless aisles of choices? 

If you are anything like me, all I want to know is: will the product give me the results I’m looking for? 

I recently read that experts say to start by finding a brand that you trust. 

This will help you narrow down your choices. The experts recommend asking yourself “is the brand prepared to clearly explain their key active ingredients?” 

Okay, phew. Not going to lie – when I read that was the first step in determining the right skincare brand, I breathed a big ol’ sigh of relief. Building a brand centered on trust is our priority and something that True North Beauty  set out from day one to accomplish: a company that is honest, transparent, and accessible, always offering clear information to our customers about what’s in our skincare. Frankly I’m proud to list our full ingredient list on our website.  Not only do I know what is in each product, I know why it’s in there and I personally selected each ingredient with you in mind!

If you’re asking, ‘okay, but what’s in your skincare,’ keep reading. 

If you’re questioning, ‘okay, I know it’s Chaga, but how does that even work?!’ keep reading, too.  

We can tell you all about it, we want to tell you about it!

You see, we do things differently than most of the cosmetic industry. Why, you ask?  Because at True North, it’s personal.  From the very first step of harvesting the Chaga mushroom from deep in the pristine woods of Maine (like we talk about in our The Harvest blog), to thoughtfully selecting each and every ingredient for our formula (read Why We Do What We Do for more on this), to testing the formula over and over again to achieve that perfectly creamy texture, to then bottling, and shipping. Many skincare brands never mix a batch of their own product, but here at True North we not only mix it, we obsess about it.  ‘Hands-on’ is an understatement here! 

But it also ensures we know exactly what is in our products and guarantees that you’ll always be using clean, cruelty-free, natural ingredients with powerful results. 

So let’s talk about what Chaga does for our skin. If you’ve been following our Chaga Series on our True North Beauty Blog, you know that Chaga is chocked full of antioxidants, melanin, and beta carotene. But what does that do for skin?! 

Let’s break it down. 

First, Chaga has the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other food or resource on earth, providing skin cell regeneration and anti-aging properties. 

Second, its high-density melanin properties help repair sun damage and actually work to fade pesky sun spots and brown age spots. 

It also has naturally occurring butilinic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory that helps combat redness and inflammation, helping to sooth and diminish acne and other painful red skin conditions. 

Speaking of acne, Chaga is also antimicrobial and antibacterial; these properties in the Chaga reduce acne by destroying bad bacteria and inhibiting its reproduction and growth.

And finally, beta carotene. This is nature’s version of retinol. In our products, it combats the aging process by restoring your skin's elasticity, boosting collagen production, thus minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

And what about those ‘free radicals’ we always hear about? Well, the incredible concentration of antioxidants (40 times higher than blueberries!) fight free-radicals and keep skin young to the sight and touch. 


How exactly, you ask? 

Well, antioxidants protect your skin and cellular makeup from 'free radicals' (found in pollution, sunlight - even developed with stress, lack of sleep, and illness!). The antioxidants literally act as a shield to these damaging free-radicals. And when they do, they not only prevent damage, they also work to regenerate new cells, which can result in you having the smooth, untouched skin of a baby! 

And that’s why we are committed to Chaga. Clearly, it has everything we ever hoped for to provide us healthy, clean, younger and more radiant skin. The fact that it’s all-natural and harvested sustainably in-house to ensure safe, quality products is an added bonus! 

And now you can see why we were so relieved to know that selecting skincare comes down to finding a brand you trust and ingredients you know

Hopefully, now you can say True North Beauty has both!

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