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Less is More!

Less is More!

I have always loved skincare and beauty products and was once a self-proclaimed skincare junkie!  I had products from nearly every luxury skincare line and was always looking to purchase the next new thing. I found myself jumping around from line to line and never really sticking with one, and feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the steps in my skincare routine. I had products from a wide variety of companies and you would think that with all of these products my skin would have been flawless; but in reality, it was not. I had random breakouts, extreme dry patches, oily areas, and the signs of aging was starting to become really noticeable. 

It wasn't until I was preparing to move that I realized how many products I owned, and moreover how many I purchased but did not use. I had 3 products just for my eyes: one for wrinkles, one for puffiness, and one for dark circles. I had a day and night cream, and toners and mists, and masks and scrubs - it was endless! I have come to believe that all of these products were confusing my skin. I was over-moisturizing with the heavy night creams, then stripping the moisture away with the daily tones and masks. I was also using different brands and the ingredients from each brand were conflicting with each other versus working in harmony. My skin was trying to tell me to stop the insanity the only way it could, by rebelling and breaking out!

I think our love for the shiny and new has created many of the problems we face today. Candidly all that we need to do is clean our skin morning and night, reintroduce moisture that is naturally lost throughout the day, protect our skin from the sun, and exfoliate occasionally. Learning how to formulate skincare has helped to understand the importance of using products that have ingredients that complement one another. For example, the solid cleanser and cleansing oil both have rich, thick oils in them. I included these oils because I know that cleansing can strip the natural oils from your skin and wanted to make sure we had thicker oils that would set closer to the surface of the skin to replace what was lost. The hydration cream has a very lightweight oil that helps nourish at a deeper level and move closer to the surface as it is needed. Had I used a heavier oil in the hydration cream, the combination of cleanser and hydration cream would likely clog pores and slow down natural oil production.

I had one important philosophy when I started formulating products for myself, I wanted to create products that were simple in application but superior in results. I was tired of keeping track of multiple products and even more tired of how much space they were taking up in my bathroom! I wanted one eye cream that would address fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. I wanted one cream that would give me the protection I needed during the day and the nourishment I needed at night. I wanted a cleanser that would remove impurities and makeup, and at the same time not strip my skin of its natural moisture. That is why I based the True North Beauty skincare routine on “less is more.” You can use less products but still get amazing results, and save space in your bathroom!

But as some of you may know, I have decided to take this one step further with the launch of our new Us Collection! I wanted to create something that everyone in the family could use, something for all skin types, all ages, and all genders. With the Us Collection, you can now carry one shareable product for everyone in your household - even the men - talk about bathroom space saving skincare! The new Us Collection will be available on our website in November and make sure you’re a subscriber to our newsletter so you can get access to a special pre-order sale! Visit to sign up now!

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