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March Updates at True North Beauty!

March Updates at True North Beauty!

We are officially at the start of March and that means it’s time to share with you some TNB updates!

First I wanted to thank all of you that purchased The Aliya, our Limited Edition Tinted Lip Serum for February. Because of those purchases, TNB was able to donate over $100 to The Apostles’ House in Newark, NJ! Your purchase had more power and that donation will be used to help provide social services to homeless women and children in the Newark area. Giving back is a corner stone of the TNB brand and we are always looking for ways to help support organizations through fundraising or our Limited Edition Tinted Lip Serum donation program. If you know of any non-profit organization that would be interested in raising money please email to learn more!

The next update to share is that we have made it easier for you to pay for your products, so you never have to go without! We believe that skincare is a necessity and wanted to make it available to everyone. That is why we introduced Afterpay for all orders over $149. Afterpay is a way for people to spread the cost of their purchase over 4 interest-free installments, but still get their products when they order them!

It's also really easy to do! Simply check the Afterpay button when you get to the payment page at checkout!

Our skincare products are all made to work together and build off each other as a complete system and we believe you get the best results when using the entire ritual together. By making our Beautiful Skin Complete Collection or any other combination of our products easily accessible, we are hoping more people can enjoy clear, healthy skin!

That’s it for our business update this month! Keep an eye out for our next blog post as  we are going to share a little insider info about Chaga harvesting!

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