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Meet Our Retail Partner: Lily Home & Garden

Meet Our Retail Partner: Lily Home & Garden

Lily Home and Garden is the FIRST store that we started selling at outside of Maine. It holds a special place in my heart as it is located in my hometown and I grew up with the founder, Angela! She founded this store to create a place that makes people feel good, welcomed, and nourished. They carry products that help you have a wonderful life! We think she has a great store and wanted to chat with her about Lily Home & Garden and True North Beauty!

True North Beauty: How did the idea to start your own store come about? 

Lily Home & Garden: I've always wanted a store front. From when I was a little girl playing "store", it's just been something I've daydreamed about. Also, I'm a realtor, so I often stage my listings. I was buying a lot of furniture that I didn’t have any other use for and I just decided, now is the time to start a store! I absolutely love my job...especially the design part!

TNB: What kind of store is Lily Home and Garden?

LHG: We are a furniture, home decor, and gift shop. I try to find unique items and vendors and only stock things I love and use myself!

TNB: How did you hear about TNB? 

LHG: I heard about it through Facebook but I've known Heather since we were kids. I knew if she was the founder, than it would be a tremendous product...and it is! 

TNB: What made you want to carry TNB? 

LHG: I've been using it for about 3 years. I have very sensitive skin and I hadn't used anything on it for years, but I am now 45 and realized I need to start a regimen. I used it for about a week and I was super pleased! No rashes, no breakouts, and I swear my crow’s feet look better! The Solid Cleanser is my favorite product.

So to answer the question, I carry it because I use it at home, I believe in it... 100 percent!

TNB: What is your best TNB seller?

LHG: The Beauty Box. I really push it because I know if people try it and see for themselves that it works then they will come back for more!

Lily Home and Garden was founded in 2018 by Angela Williams-Gebhardt. You can visit her store at 138 S Fayette St., Washington Court House, Ohio. Call (310)-384-4744 for their hours. Like them on Facebook and check out pictures of their products, like the one below! 


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