Spring into Slowing Down.

Spring has sprung. I know it's true - and not just because my allergies are reminding me every minute of the day. We've suddenly jumped back into the long busy days, packed weekends, and non-stop expectation to live in the moment. Every moment. It's exhausting. Transitioning from the season of darkness and cold into warmer, brighter weather can do wonders for your mental health, but the pace and expectation that our culture has on this transition can really do some damage. 

The only way to have the stamina to last the spring and summer at this break-neck pace is to have spent time this winter investing in yourself. For all the other beings on earth, from bears to flowers, the purpose of winter is rest. We turn inward and invest in ourselves, so as to have the resilience to face early spring with energy and zest . For some, it's to greet the sun and spread seeds, others to care for cubs, and us... keep up with life! So while spring draws that rebirth and reawakening out in all of us, I challenge you to seek some of the comforts and self-love you’ve honored this winter and take them with you into this new season. 

How can we take the grace and commitment to listen to our body and refuel our soul and mind, and enter into spring with that focus? 

Take Your Time.

While ads and commercials are telling us to ditch our cozy pants and jump into ‘beach-body’ season, 

I’m telling you: don’t fall for it.

The crocus is slow to emerge in the spring, peeking up through the snow and reserving its energy to bravely enter first into the new cycle of seasons. Like the crocus, I want you to take your time, slowly entering spring at a pace that is peaceful and hopeful. While ads and commercials are telling us to ditch our cozy pants and jump into ‘beach-body’ season, I’m telling you: don’t fall for it. 

We are a part of the cycle, like bears and flowers, which slowly, calmly, and comfortably move into spring and bring along those same comforts of self-love and personal investment that we experienced all winter. And not just because I love bucking trends and railing against society’s expectations, but because a slower pace is healthy. Not only will you enjoy the brightness and beauty of spring more, but you will also continue to invest in your health and wellness that makes it possible to launch into the non-stop summer energy headed your way.  

Invest in Yourself

One of the best ways to pour into your mental and emotional health and overall wellbeing is to take care of your body. Beyond sleep and water, taking care of your body's largest organ, the skin, is key to maintaining a healthy balance. But we don't want investing in your health of your skin to be one more thing that adds stress to your life (that'll tip the balance of peace we're really going for here!). That's why we make skincare easy. Here are the best ways to take care of yourself this season to keep that active attention on your health and to prepare for a busy summer ahead: 


Remove impurities, clear pores, and gently exfoliate with the natural ingredients in our Solid Cleanser. This Chaga and botanical-infused bar comes in a sustainable, reusable tin and Konjac sponge for a delicate deep clean.


Provide rich moisture and long-lasting hydration deep beneath skin's surface without clogging pores with our luxe Hydration Cream. Formulated with natural oils, Chaga, and botanicals for lightweight, all-day moisture.


 Lightweight treatment oils improve skin's tone while reducing the appearance of stretch marks and skin imperfections. Chaga-infused oils provide invigorating benefits, giving you a youthful appearance and enhancing your natural glow.


All of True North's skincare is formulated with Chaga, the earth's richest source of antioxidants, melanin and pigment, which can help shield your skin from sun and harmful UV rays and fight the free radicals that cause early signs of aging.

Slow Down.

Take all the time it takes to put yourself and your needs first.

This spring, watch the buds on the trees. While some might have exploded into this new season, many are still growing, slowly preparing to face the summer rains and storms with a strength that will carry them through. This is my hope for you.