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Travel with Confidence!

Travel with Confidence!

Summer is well underway and many people still have a lot of vacation and travel plans coming up. I went on a few short work (and play!) trips recently and I realized that there are a few items that I always need to have with me. These are items that bring me comfort, are practical, and items that I never leave home without when I travel!

1. A Candle- This might seem different, but I love to travel with a candle. I started doing this at a time when I traveled a lot for business. I found it makes any space feel warm and familiar and can set a relaxing mood. My all-time favorite candle brand is Southern Elegance. The owner is a confident, female entrepreneur that draws inspiration from her southern roots. She offers so many amazing scents, but my favorite is Key West Lime and Coconut. Her candles also come in these perfect travel size tins so they are easy to transport and pack up after using. 

TIP: Don’t forget to pack matches or a lighter! But if you do, ask the Front Desk, they almost always have extra!

2. Beauty Box- It’s easy for healthy habits to wane while on vacation (exercise, healthy eating) but your skin ritual does not have to be one of those! Travel is tough on your skin, greater exposure to sun, dry air from the hotel/flying, and environmental damage. That’s why I always travel with my Beauty Box. The products are perfectly sized to meet TSA requirements and give you enough product to last throughout the trip.

TIP: The bottles are refillable too…so you can use them each time you travel by refilling them up from your full size bottles!

3. Lip Serum- It’s the perfect size to tuck into your bag, or pocket to keep your lips hydrated, soft and glossy!

4. Clutch or Small Bag- I love a big bag and usually travel with a full size purse, but I always bring a small clutch with me. One that is large enough to hold my phone, Lip Serum, room key, and credit cards / money, but small enough that I can easily carry it around and not have it take up a lot of space.

TIP: Wristlets or small cross body bags are great if you want to be more hands free and not hold a clutch! Better yet, get a bag that has a removable strap to transform it into a clutch if needed!

5. Wrap/shawl/scarf- Regardless of the time of year I always travel with a wrap / scarf. It’s perfect to use as a cover up at the beach or use on a plane as a blanket or pillow, or throw over your shoulders in the hotel or restaurant if you’re cold. You can even wear it out in the evening after the sun goes down to transform a daytime outfit into a nighttime one! It takes up very little space and is a super versatile item to have!

TIP: When packing a wrap, pick one that fits with a majority of the outfits you packed or pick a dark neutral color – they hide wrinkles and stains well!

6. Bullet Journal– I’m able to keep important details for the trip (flight info, hotel info, lists of possible things to do), jot down the things I want to remember from the trip, keep notes of things while on the trip, and create lists of new things I want to remember!

Tip: Read my Bullet Journal blog post to learn more about them!

Since these items are travel staples for me, it helps make packing easier and faster because I know that I have to have these things with me. It also helps me to be prepared for a multitude of different things without having to pack my entire house! What are some must haves that you bring when you travel? Tell me in the comment section below! I’d love to see what a travel necessity is for you!

Happy travels!

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