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Living Your Dreams: Vision Boards

Living Your Dreams: Vision Boards

A few weeks ago I told you about vision boards and bullet journals in my blog post about goal setting. Today I want to explain what a vision board is and how it has helped me stay focused on achieving my goals. In a few weeks I will tell you about bullet journals, so keep checking back for that blog post!

A vision board (VB) is typically a collage of pictures, photos, or phrases, of your dreams and goals that help inspire and motivate you to achieve those goals. It is meant to be used as a visualization tool to help you get the things you want by visualizing yourself attracting them. I’m going to share with you my VB and give you some helpful tips on how to get started with your own!

When I first started, I wrote down phrases on post-it notes and stuck them on a giant poster board. It was a rough start, and as first the things I wrote down seemed more aspirational than possible. They were things I wished would happen but I was not yet confident they could ever come to fruition. This is why a VB is so important, to get you from wishing to achieving!

One of my early post-it notes read “I will work in Boston and continue to live in Maine”.  I loved Maine and was not ready to leave this beautiful state, but at the time thought that I needed to live in a larger city to have the career I desired and possibly find a partner that I would be compatible with. After adding my post-it to my VB, I started envisioning what my life would look like… driving
Mass, staying in a little house, going to work each day to a large corporate building, and driving home to Maine feeling full and accomplished. I told my friends and family about this and spoke about it in terms of certainty. It wasn’t, I hope I get a job in Boston, it was more like, “when I work in Boston”. I told a friend that this was going to happen and she honestly thought I was crazy and asked how I was going to make it happen. Honestly, I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I had faith in this along with every other post-it and image I had on my VB. I knew I would start to see things happening if I believed in it and visualized it.

Less than 4 weeks after I started my VB, I received a call from a company just outside of Boston for a corporate HR job. I landed the role and was even able to work out an arrangement where I could work in Mass 3 days a week and from my home in Maine the rest of the week. I couldn’t believe that what was happening was exactly as I had envisioned it! Needless to say I was a believer and every dream and goal that I had, I wrote down followed this same pattern of adding it to my VB and visualizing achieving the goal.

My VB is now in my home office, where I see it every day. When I have a new thing that I desire, I write it down with confidence, and place it on my VB amongst all of the other things I want from life. Many of these items have already come to fruition: meeting Michael, starting True North Beauty, and leaving my career to focus on True North Beauty. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if change your mindset from “I want” to “I will” and start visualizing success.
I have found VBs to be so helpful that I encourage all of you to start a VB if you don’t have one! Here are some tips to get started:

1. Represent your desires visually. Don’t just think it and say it, see it!
Remember #MondayMantra? Well if you've been doing that then you're half way there! All you need to do is write it out on paper, add an image to your desire, and start imagining your dream coming to life! I personally like the post-it approach. I keep a stack of post-it’s in my purse with me and every time I think of something I write it down and place it on my board. This allows me to help formulate my vision of what the idea looks like. I also added pictures to mine. Some of the things I want to come into my life are a little hard for me to really visualize, and I found the pictures help me to formulate the mental picture and the narrative of the story that surrounds each photo.

2. Don’t just put things on the board that are easily attainable, but think big!
I like to call these BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). These are the goals that seem unattainable in the short term, but you just know that one day you will achieve them in the long term.

3. Do not question how it's going to achieve your desires, just believe with all of your faith that it will happen!
Keep thinking positively! There is a belief called The Laws of Attraction where the general idea is that if you think positive thoughts you will attract positive things, or the same goes with negative thoughts. So it's important that you believe that you are going to achieve these dreams and not participate in negative self-talk.

4. Visualize it in 3-D.
It’s not just a flat piece of paper, but rather a movie that plays in detail. See yourself going through the actions needed to achieve your goal, think about how you will feel as you attain your desires, and imagine how your life will be once your goals become a reality.

5. Speak about it in definate terms.
When telling people about your dreams, forget words and phrases like "I hope", "I wish",  "I want it, but...", or the worst one- "I can't". Replace them with "When I", "I will", "I can", and "I'm going to". Speaking in definative terms helps train your brain to think and see things positively. This all goes back to the Laws of Attraction- what you put out into the universe, is what you get back.

6. Place your VB somewhere where you can see it every day.
Mine is beside my desk in my office where I work. You
know that saying "keep your eye on the prize"? Well this helps you to do just that. Keeping it top of mind helps you stay focused and on track.

7. Continuously add to the board as you think of new things you want from life.
Your goals and desires will change and grow as you evolve and achieve them. Make sure you always are always working towards a goal and if your goals change, that's ok! You can adjust and remove them, but remember...

8. Never remove something from the VB unless the desire no longer fits with your life’s mission.
The keeps you from taking things off that feel too big, too out of reach, or too scary!

9. Keep your VB organized! 
There are a lot of ways to design the board and organize the content. In the past it was random, but this year I segmented the board by topic: personal health, relationships, True North Beauty, and Journey House. This helps you to compartamentalize and prioritize your goals!

Years after implementing the process of visualizing my life’s desires , writing them down, and creating a VB, I read the book "The Secret". This book helped to round out my approach and provided me additional tools to fully capitalize on the Laws of Attraction and visualizing my desires. If this is something you would like to learn more about, I encourage you to check out the book!

Let me know if you have any questions about vision boards or how to start one! I would love to see your VB.  Feel free to share yours in the comments!

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