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Finding our True North®

Meet Our Retail Partner  Tiller & Rye

Meet Our Retail Partner Tiller & Rye

Did you know that you can buy True North Beauty at select retail locations? We have a program where we work with select local companies to carry our products in their stores. Every other month I am going to spotlight one of those companies to tell you a little bit about them and share with you where you can get True North Beauty in person! 

For our first spotlight we are featuring Tiller & Rye, a locally owned and operated grocery store in Brewer, Maine. They opened nearly 3 years ago in April and have been carrying our products ever since! They embrace an old world approach to grocery shopping and cater to all sorts of dietary and lifestyle needs. In addition to being a grocer, they also have a café where they serve breakfast, sandwiches, soups, salads, and smoothies. Their focus is on providing quality foods that are raised the way nature intended and free of harmful additives. They are also proud to offer products from local businesses and farms, like artisanal cheeses, organic wines, grass-fed meats, and our True North Beauty line!

  We spoke with Sarah Morneault, one of the co-owners of Tiller & , about carrying True North Beauty in the store and what she thinks of our products. Here is the interview: 

TNB: How did you first hear about True North Beauty?

SM: We first heard about True North Beauty from Heather Lux. We started by carrying her soaps and scrubs from her Splurge line when we first opened in 2015. She told us she had been working on a new skincare line and we were interested in learning more about it. 

TNB: What made you want to carry the TNB line? 

SM: We wanted to carry the skincare line for many reasons: We already loved Heather and knew that she put the highest quality ingredients into her products. She also had us try some samples and we fell in love with the creams and cleanser. Lastly, some of our customers were requesting us to carry her skincare line right from the onset, so we already knew there was a demand for it.

TNB: Do you use the products yourself, and if so, what is your favorite one? 

SM: I do use the products! I started with the Beauty Box and now am building up my personal stock of the larger containers. I am particularly addicted to the Hydration Cream because it’s seriously

TNB: What products from the TNB line do you carry at Tiller & Rye?

SM: We carry the entire skincare line. One cool thing to note is that
we are the only place where you can buy the Body Scrub in person! Also, we have a video of Heather at the store highlighting the products we carry and the correct way to apply them:

TNB: What product is your best seller?

SM: Our best seller is the Beauty Box. I think so many more people are hearing about True North Beauty and wanting to try it all the time and the Beauty Box is a great way to sample a bunch of the products at once! 

TNB: What kind of feedback to get from customers about True North Beauty being sold at Tiller & Rye? 

SM: Customers tell us all the time how much they love the products. We see new customers coming in all the time looking for True North Beauty because they’ve heard their friends rave about it! 

Thanks Sarah, for sharing a little bit about carrying True North Beauty at Tiller & Rye!  We are honored to be a part of your beautiful store!

For anyone that would like to purchase our products in person, you can head over to Tiller & Rye at 20 South Main St, Brewer. They are open 7 days a week and times and more information can be found at or by calling 207-573-4021

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