As the last weeks of winter wind down, don't let the excitement of warmer days distract you from taking care of your skin. The cold weather can leave your complexion feeling dry, dull, and irritated - that's why you need a cleansing product that can nourish and protect. 

Not to worry.  We have a perfect solution; Cleansing Oil! 

Not only does it effectively remove makeup and impurities, but it also keeps your skin hydrated and glowing all winter long. So, let's dive into why cleansing oil should be a staple in your winter skincare routine and how our Chaga-infused Cleansing Oil will work wonders for your complexion. Say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to radiant, healthy skin!

Let's Talk Cleansers

Winter Skincare Tip #2 - Goodbye Winter Blues, Hello Radiant Skin!

The True North Beauty Cleansing Oil provides much more than just a cleansing experience - its protective and nutritive powers can do wonders for your skin. 

Rich oils form a barrier between your skin and the environment, keeping out dirt, pollutants, and other irritants that can cause damage. 

Plus, the Chaga-infused oils provide essential vitamins and fatty acids to nourish and moisturize your skin. 

This nutrient-rich combination also helps to reduce inflammation and protect the skin from harm. 

Last but not least, it helps to keep the skin hydrated during the dry winter season, something especially important for a busy 40 something.

Best of all, the benefits of our Cleansing Oil can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of skincare expertise. And it's mild enough for all skin types (including oily!) and can be used both morning and night. You just need to carve out a few minutes each day for a cleansing routine. Trust me friend, your worth the time investment!