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Finding our True North®

True North...More Than A Name

True North has always been more than the name of my skincare company. From the inception of the company, my driving force has always been helping ambitious, self-motivated women reach their true potential and develop the self-confidence to do so. I believe that when you feel beautiful and confident you can achieve anything you set out to accomplish.  

I began selling soap at the Portland, Maine farmers market in April of 2011. From there, I grew my product line to a successful level, continued to attend event, and began selling my line in boutiques and stores.  It wasn’t until I turned 40 and my skincare needs change that I start creating natural anti-aging skincare products and True North was born.  True North is a new focus on beauty products. It combines my passion for creating anti-oxidant rich, naturally luxurious skincare, with my love of the “journey” of self-worth and confidence.

I believe that every woman has a True North, and that it is different and special for each individual. The True North brand is meant to be a camaraderie of similar-minded women doing just that. I hope that the True North skincare line can help you feel about yourself as it has helped me feel about myself—beautiful and confident.

If I could leave you with one purpose to remember my brand by and what I stand for, it would be the goal of discovering and always remaining true to yourself. If you discover your True North, I believe that you can find the peace and happiness that brand a beautiful, carefree life.

Authentically Yours,


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