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A Confession About Confidence....

A Confession About Confidence....

So I have a confession to make.  For several years I have been on a quest to understand confidence and through this I have come to believe that confidence stems largely from the relationship we have with ourselves.  I work every day to live a confident lifestyle, maintain a healthy relationship with myself and celebrate my authentic, natural beauty.  I truly believe in this, but I too struggle at times maintaining my confidence.  

In early September I am going on a much anticipated get-away to Los Vegas.  Just the other night I was thinking through the things I will need in preparation for this trip when it hit me....I need a BATHING SUIT.  I instantly went from excitement to panic.  I've always had body issues and the idea of prancing around a hotel pool is the epitome of vulnerability.
The very next morning I open my email to find this amazing article..."Ditch These 20 Ideas to be More Confident" by Corinne Dobbas.  It was as if the universe heard my fear and knew I needed this message.  

Corinne challenges us to examine what we will let go of....

1. Forget the idea that you need to be perfect. No one is perfect.

2. Forget the idea that you don't deserve to be happy. You can create your own happiness.

3. Forget the idea that you're not good enough. That is nothing but your fear talking.

4. Forget the idea that the number on the scale determines your worth. If you ask your friends and family why they love you, I doubt they'd say because of your weight.

5. Forget the idea that you're not capable of change. You are.

6. Forget the idea that everyone is judging your body. That's only an assumption — focus on you.

7. Forget the idea that you're not attractive enough. You are beautiful.

8. Forget the idea that deprivation is good. Instead, tune-in and honor your hunger and fullness.

9. Forget the idea that you can't do "this" until you weigh "that." Whatever "that" is, go out and do it now so it's not keeping you stuck.

10. Forget the idea that you have no control over food and replace it with the belief that you're ready and capable to begin your journey now.

11. Forget the idea that you'll only be happy when you weigh "this" much and start focusing on how you can be happy now.

12. Forget the idea that you're not deserving of love as you are right now. You are.

13. Forget the idea that small steps forward aren't good enough and remember that all steps, even the small ones, are good steps. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

14. Forget the idea that you're the only one who feels this way because I can guarantee you that you're not.

15. Forget your "black and white" frame of mind. Your world is full of many colors. Choose to see the good.

16. Forget beating yourself up and decide to see yourself through a lens of compassion.

17. Forget not being where you think you should be and focus on what you need to do in the present moment to live how you want feel.

18. Forget constantly comparing yourself to others. Nothing good ever comes of that. Focus on your wellness.

19. Forget the idea that you're a self-sabotager and start seeing yourself in a new light, telling a new story.

20. Forget idea that you're stuck. You can move forward at any moment.

Click the link below to read the entire article:

Ditch These 20 Ideas to Be More Confident by Corinne Dobbas

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