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What Makes True North Different?

What Makes True North Different?

As a former "skincare junkie" I understand how overwhelming it is to find a skincare product that feels great on and is effective.  I spent much of my 20's & 30's chasing the fountain of youth trying every new trendy product on the market.  It wasn't until I turned 40 that my skin dramatically changed and the products that I had always reached for no longer did the trick.  In addition to their ineffectiveness, my view on health and what I was comfortable putting on my skin had evolved.  I no longer wanted to put just anything on my face!  I searched high and low for a natural skincare product that would give me all I wanted however I was left disappointed.  You see...I love that creamy luxurious feel that high end presigue brands offer and just could not find this experience in natural products.  They all felt thick and heavy on my face.

I set out to make my own products but knew I needed to find a truly powerful natural ingredient that would improve the health of my skin, nourish and address the fine lines that were starting to form.  I researched different herbs and botanicals, but it was a walk in the woods of Maine that lead me to the ingredient I have built the entire True North skincare line around.  Through research I discovered that Chaga was not used in an emulsified (creamy) skincare product currently on the market and quickly realized that this was the powerhouse I wanted on my skin!!  Our special ingredient blend of Chaga and luxury oils is unique to True North - you won’t find it formulated this way in any other luxury skincare line.

What's so special about Chaga?  The graphic below provides details on why this is such a powerful ingredient and why it's a must have in your skincare products.  

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