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A Routine is not a Ritual

A Routine is not a Ritual

One thing we focus on at True North Beauty is rituals. We are deliberate when we use the word ritual and not its counterpart, routine. We chose ritual because of what it means. It is more than just a routine, which is something we do subconsciously like go to work or brush our teeth when we wake up. A ritual is an action that requires thoughtful focus; it is the meaning behind the action that makes it a ritual.

Rituals should be about the things that matter the most to you. It’s the things that require patience and dedicating the time to do them. Rituals aren’t about doing things for other people. It should be about doing things for yourself that help nourish your mind, body, and soul. We have said time and time again that you can’t pour from an empty cup. That means if you don’t take the time to thoughtfully take care of yourself, how can you be expected to take care of others or be there for them?

Many people don’t realize they already have a ritual because they think of it as a routine. Do you go for a walk everyday on your lunch break to clear your head? Do you go to the gym after work to relive stress? Do you meditate to stay grounded and calm yourself? Do you say a nightly prayer before bed to feel a spiritual connection and find guidance? Those things are done with purpose and you actively make the time for it and choose to do it. There is intent behind all of those actions and it is to serve a purpose for you personally. It is different than a routine like going to the gym just to lose weight or going to work to have money to pay the bills. When you do those things you usually wish you were someplace else or doing something else, but when you do your ritual, you are doing exactly what you should and are right where you need to be at that moment in time.

The time spent doing a ritual should be used for reflection and refilling your cup. That is why when people use our products we tell them to incorporate it into a ritual. We encourage you to use our products in the morning as you think about your goals for the day and visualize what you want to achieve. We want you to take your time massaging our oils, creams, and serums into your skin and focus on how good the products feel and how good you will feel that day.

At night, we hope you cleanse your skin with our Cleansing Oil to wash away impurities and the negative parts of the day. Use the Just Relax Body Oil before bed so you can start calming your mind and body down and think peaceful thoughts as you inhale the scent of vanilla and lavender and settle in for a good night’s rest.

I encourage you all to make your True North Beauty skincare experience into a ritual. Be mindful about what you are feeling as you use our products and use that time to simply be by yourself doing something just for you… refilling your cup.

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