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Capsule Wardrobes by Corey!

Capsule Wardrobes by Corey!

I think fall is one of the best seasons for fashion! Who doesn’t love knee high boots, scarfs, jackets, knit dresses, and comfy sweaters? One of the biggest challenges that I face, is that there is so much fashion, but so little closet space, and not enough days to wear all the clothes I have in my fall wardrobe! It is really overwhelming to switch out my closet from summer to fall attire. I find that there are pieces that I pull out and hang up, but never end up wearing them. Then when fall is over, I pack them away and do it all again the following year!

It’s a struggle that many of us face and a cycle that can be hard to break. As you switch out your closet you might say to yourself “oh I’ll lose some weight over the summer and wear it next year” or “these distressed jeans will come back in fashion again” or this popular one “I forgot I had that in here!” Keeping these pieces in your wardrobe when you know that you will never wear them again is just creating more stress for yourself (remember my blog post where I talked about mental clutter?) and taking up room in your mind and closet.

This is where my friend Corey comes in. She started doing a “Capsule Closet” and when she told me about it I was in awe! Basically she keeps a few essential items that don’t go out of fashion and adds in seasonal pieces to tie it together. There are very few items in a Capsule Closet and the ones that are in there fit and work well with each other. An added bonus is that her closet is very neat now that she only has the essentials in there! I knew that I had to start doing this myself and share this amazing practice with others; so I interviewed Corey about her experience and this is what she had to say:

In your own words, what is a capsule wardrobe/closet?

A mini wardrobe of versatile pieces that you love wearing, and work well together.

How did you first hear about them?

Capsule wardrobes were suggested to me by a family member (thanks, Mom!), and I did some research on Pinterest. 

What made you want to start doing it for yourself?

I liked the fact that Capsule wardrobes are appropriate for your lifestyle, season and body. My closet is tidy and I always have something to wear. I don’t spend a lot of time trying on clothes or putting together outfits – it’s a huge time saver when getting ready in the morning!

What is your style for your Capsule wardrobe?

I really like classic, polished pieces, and am very interested in minimalism which is what the idea of Capsule wardrobes are based on. It was a natural fit for me! But, a capsule wardrobe can be curated regardless of style.

How often do you update your wardrobe?

Initially I tried a capsule just twice a year, one for spring/summer and another winter/fall. I found that, despite loving the clothes in each capsule, I was ready for change before the end of the season. Now I do a new capsule for each season, and have some pieces that carry over each season but I always include new additions, which keeps things fresh.

Do you miss having more options?

I don't miss having more options- because my capsules consist of clothes that I absolutely love, and I store them out of sight when they are not in my current capsule so I am always excited to wear the pieces in my closet. Getting out my clothes at the beginning of each season is super exciting to me, rediscovering old favorites that I often forgot I had!

Do you still shop for clothes?

I still shop! I'm just more mindful of the pieces I purchase. At the beginning of each season, I go through my stored clothes for that capsule, decide what I will be using, what I am going to donate, and what I need to purchase for the season. I keep a running list of things that would fit my capsule to keep myself on track. Right now I am looking for the perfect yellow cardigan, and my black heels will need to be replaced soon.

What is process for building a wardrobe?

Know what you love! It's integral that your capsule is full of items that you love and look forward to wearing. Spend some time to figure out what works for you- if you are just starting, I recommend picking out 8 to 10 pieces you love and tend to wear most often. This will give you an idea of the colors, maintenance, and comfort level you prefer.

Know the silhouette that compliments you and understand your personal style. It may be helpful to pick a go to "uniform" that you feel best in. My go to outfit is a fit and flare dress with a cardigan, but for you it might be slim pants with a drapey top.

But, be realistic about your lifestyle. Take note of the items that you NEVER wear- even if you like them! For example, I know from experience that anything restrictive or dry clean only are not for me, so I make a point to avoid purchasing those items.  

What happens if you have a special event or holiday party coming up?

I plan ahead for events or trips when creating each capsule. If I don't have something that I am excited to wear, I love to borrow or rent, but I am happy to purchase something to fit a special event! Accessories go a long way too!

Is it for everyday wear or just work wear?

Determining how you spend your time is an important part of creating a successful capsule. How much time will you spend at work, home, gym, out with friends? Plan your capsule accordingly. I like to have a capsule for every day and work, with a separate capsule for fitness.

What happens with clothes that don't make it to the capsule wardrobe?

I store items not included in my current capsule in a suitcase, sorted by season. It's so much fun to get out my clothes for each season- because they are out of sight, it's like getting a new wardrobe each capsule. I donate anything that doesn’t fit or items that I know I will not wear again. Styles change and what you loved one year, you might want to retire the next!

Is there one item that is a must have for year round?

I love my chambray shirt! It's my go-to for casual wear. I also love my grey Mary Jane heels- I feel fabulous every time I wear them.


Thanks for sharing your Capsule wardrobe with us, Corey!

Don’t forget to “Like” Corey’s Facebook page and if anyone is already doing Capsule wardrobes we’d love to hear your feedback below!

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