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Lights, Camera, Action!  We are going to be on Greenlight Maine!

Lights, Camera, Action! We are going to be on Greenlight Maine!

Remember a few weeks ago when I blogged about goal setting? I talked about S.M.A.R.T. goals, BHAG (big hairy audacious goals), and visualizing your goals. Well, one of my goals that I had set earlier this year was to be a participant on Greenlight Maine this year. I am so proud to announce that I achieved my goal and I am going to be on season 4 of Greenlight Maine!

This is so exciting for me and I want to tell you a little bit about Greenlight Maine (GLM) so you can understand why this was a goal I set and why I am so happy I achieved it!

What is Greenlight Maine (GLM)?

As stated on their website: “GLM is a statewide collaboration of entrepreneurial catalysts and corporate leaders, designed to promote and mentor the development and growth of business in our great state.” Essentially is it a competition between Maine start-ups that speak in front of a panel of judges on TV to talk about their business for a chance to compete for the $100,000 cash prize.

How does GLM work?

There is a lengthy application process. To apply, each applicant provided a company overview, short video, and a brief bio of the company owners/partners.
Over 50 companies applied for season 4 and only 26 were selected. Each week during taping, two companies will compete head-to-head by delivering a 3 minute pitch to a panel of three judges. The judges will each ask a question and the responses to the questions and overall pitch will determine the company that advances to the next round. This process is taped and my date is coming up soon – July 16! The episode will be aired this fall (date TBA).

Twelve companies are selected from Round 1 and will participate in a taped mentoring session that will broadcast as part of the series. Round 2 will show GLM reducing the companies from 12 to 6. Round 3 will reduce from 6 to 3, and the final round will show the remaining 3 companies pitching to win the $100,000 cash prize. This will be awarded in Summer 2019.

Why is this a big deal?

I’ve watched Greenlight Maine for the past 3 seasons and have always admired the companies on the show. I viewed the companies as the “up and comers” of business in Maine. They are companies with really big ideas and visions for their products/brands and are hustling every day to bring their business to a national audience.

It takes amazing courage to step out on your own in the pursuit of following your dreams, but the GLM companies go a step further; they stand in front of a panel of judges and share with the world the details of their business model, why their company is truly unique, how their products solve a problem for customers, and why they are worthy of the $100,000 award. Only one company can win and I am one of the 26 selected companies that gets a chance to compete!

What do I get from being on GLM?

I believe that we have to do things everyday to build and maintain our confidence. It does not come from reading and thinking about it, but through thoughtful, deliberate, and sometimes really scary action.

First and foremost participating in GLM an exercise of confidence building for me and is a really scary action for me! It is scary to be so vulnerable and open about my business, but I know that deep down I have the confidence to step in front ofjudges, to be on TV, and say: here I am, here is my dream, here is what I am willing to do to make it happen, and here is why I should win. Even if I make it no further than the first filming, I will still walk away stronger and a more confident female entrepreneur than from when I started.

Second, the most valuable thing TNB will get from this experience will come from the people I meet. Yes, GLM is a contest with an impressive giveaway at the end, but their overarching mission is to build Maine’s economy by helping businesses like TNB achieve greatness. GLM will open up networks of mentors, professionals, and champions of entrepreneurial business owners that will be able to help TNB as we grow.

Lastly, our goal is to become a nationally recognized skincare brand and to reach people across the country with our message of confident, natural, beauty. Whether I’m the last person standing at the end of season 4 or not, I know this experience with GLM will give me the tools and confidence to reach this goal!

There you have it, a rundown of GLM and what this experience will mean for me and my business. I appreciate everyone’s love and support as I start this competition and I will keep you posted on how I do as the season goes on! Until then, if you are interested in seeing any of the past episodes you can check out Greenlight Maine on YouTube or if you want more information follow GreenlightMaine on Facebook and Instagram or visit and watch previous seasons at


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