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Living with Gratitude

Living with Gratitude

It seems that the trend on social media every November is to post something you are thankful for every day until Thanksgiving. While I enjoy seeing everyone’s posts, pictures and hearing what they are thankful for, it got me thinking. Why do we only do this one month out of the year? Why isn’t voicing gratitude an everyday thing?

I’ve mentioned it in blog posts before, but I think it is so important to reflect each day on things you are grateful for. Simply taking a few moments to acknowledge the things that are going well in your life can help put the things that aren’t going well in perspective. This helps keep you grounded and reminds yourself of the positive things in your life. I challenge you to try it, beyond Thanksgiving and November, and see if you can do it every day and make a habit out of it. I bet after you get used to doing it, you will feel more positive and have a better outlook on things!

To get started I recommend picking one or two specific times of the day to say what you are grateful for. Mine are in the morning and at night. Before my feet even hit the floor, I like to lay in bed and start my day off on a positive note. Rather than wake up and start thinking about all the things I have to do that day and start off with a feeling of dread, I like to think about what I am grateful for. In the morning I usually think of something that might seem obvious to many, like being grateful for a roof over my head, my health, food on my table, and a loving, supportive family - but I have to remind myself that not everyone has that. So by starting my day off being grateful for those things, I can really put things in perspective and instead of dreading something I have to do for work that day or a household chore that needs to be done, I can turn it around and be thankful that I have a job and a home.

At night I like to think about something that I was grateful for that day. I have found that the perfect time to do this is when I am using my True North Beauty Cleansing Oil. By taking the time to massage it onto my face and let it sit, I can replay my day and think about everything that has happened. When I am ready to wipe it away with a warm cloth, it is almost like I am wiping away the day and only thinking about what I am grateful for. Sometimes I think about how grateful I am to have such a supportive husband because he lets me bounce ideas off him all day long, other days it’s for a friend who does a small favor for me, and after some really trying days I am simply grateful to be alive.

 I know it can seem daunting at first, or even silly, to try to think of things but even if you have to start small and think how grateful you are to simply be alive, it’s a start. I really would love to have you try this for the rest of the year and see how your outlook changes. I bet you will feel more positive and happier by the end of it!

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