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My Word for the Year!

My Word for the Year!

As you know it has been a tradition for me to always pick a word for the year. Last year my word was “trust”, as in trust my journey! This word perfectly embodied how I wanted to live in 2019. It allowed me to stress a little less, learn to accept things as they happened, and just live in the moment and enjoy the ride. I put a lot of trust into my journey this year and I am thrilled at how far I have come this year! (Check out my 2019 recap!)

But now friends, it’s time to pick our word for 2020!

This past year has taught me that life is always going to be busy, complicated, and stressful but the way I navigate all of this is what really matters. That’s why in 2020 I choose Joy. There are a lot external influences in life, but joy is deeply internal, well within my control, and how I want to live.

I am going to practice joy and make it a point to find a little bit of joy every single day, no matter how rough or mundane the day might be. Without joy in life, what is the purpose? Life is short enough, would you want to spend it stressed and unhappy – I know I don’t! So I am choosing to embrace each day and find the joy in each day that I am alive!

I would love to hear what your 2019 word was and what you’re thinking for 2020!



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