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Tis the Season for Giving Back!

Tis the Season for Giving Back!

November and December are always seen as the months to give to the less fortunate. Major non-profits rely on people’s generous giving spirit to help them meet end of year fundraising goals and other organizations have gift trees set up to help purchase food and gifts for those in need. It’s amazing that there are a lot of people that are very blessed to be able to open up their wallet and make donations and others are blessed to have the free time to volunteer. I think it is great that people give back this time of year and to me, it doesn’t matter what or how you give, but that you are giving back.

I believe that giving back is not only a good thing to do, but also makes you feel good, fulfills your soul, and boosts your confidence. As some of you might have already known, I give back not only personally but also through my company. A portion of each sale from True North Beauty goes to ROX and I have started to donate $5 from every Limited Edition Tinted Lip Serum to charity.

As for me personally, Michael and I participated in a Summer Meals program. This program has been an amazing experience. Our town offered hot lunches 4 days a week to children and their parents. We have a lot of need in our community and I knew this was a good program to support, but honestly, when it first started I did not feel we had the time to do it. We were in the middle of preparing for the Indie Beauty Expo and I had a huge to-do list! The first week I felt pretty anxious on the drive, thinking about all of the things I needed to do, but once I got there the stress of the outside world melted away and I was able to be present and focus on the families in front of me.

To my surprise I returned home after that first day and was incredibly productive, checking things off the list faster than normal! I went back again week after week with Michael who participated 4 days each week and I did 2 days. They were my favorite 2 days of the week. The time brought Michael and I even closer together, I felt happier and more fulfilled, and these feelings carried over to the business. Because I was in such a good head space, I was feeling more confident and excited about the work I was doing. In a weird way, giving back was a form of self-care for me.

Now that the summer has ended and we’re heading into winter, I’ve started to feel a sense of sadness and have been trying to figure out how to continue giving back. I figured that November was the perfect month to try something new for giving back. Michael and I have talked about cooking dinners for people in our community, to adopting a family, to helping out at a local school. While we haven’t decided on one thing yet, we are excited about a new way to give back to those in our community! I challenge you all to do some act of giving back this holiday season. No matter how big or small, each act can make a huge impact not only on those you’re helping, but also on yourself!

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