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What's the True North Difference?

What's the True North Difference?

Wondering what makes True North different from the other locally sourced, small-batch, women-owned skincare lines? Besides our good looks and winning personality, we think there are some pretty unique features that make us special. Here are four fun facts that make up the True North difference:

All of our products are created using Chaga, sustainably harvested from the pristine forests of Maine. Sure, other companies may use Chaga, packed with antioxidants to clear pores, smooth skin, and even tone. But we are the only skincare line that gathers Chaga directly from the wild birch trees in our own community (we're literally hands on!). We personally grind and formulate our products using a patent-pending extraction process, designed to maintain the integrity of Chaga’s powerful properties.

We've won awards for our micro-manufacturing facility, bringing prestige and attention to the outstanding work we do handcrafting and personally formulating every single product. We do not outsource or buy from ingredient suppliers, which many skincare lines do (and sometimes while formulating at 3 in the morning I wish I did). It’s just me, in my lab (yes, lab coat and goggles and all) handcrafting every product to meet our rigorous safety and quality standards.

All of our products are 100% cruelty-free. In fact, we worked directly with Maine legislators to pass into law LD 1551, which bans testing on animals (making Maine only the 6th state in the nation to ban animal testing! Argh!). Oh, and though we don't have any data to prove it, we're pretty sure we love dogs more than any other skincare company in the world. So, there's that.

We take sustainability seriously, not only in our harvesting and ingredient sourcing, but also in our footprint. Our micro-facility is 100% solar powered and we use glass bottles and tin containers which can be recycled or repurposed. The only trace of True North we want left on this earth is your beautiful skin and natural confidence.

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