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What Kind of Skin-Caretaker Are You?

What Kind of Skin-Caretaker Are You?

Think about your skin, your skincare goals, your needs, your budget, your planning, and your time. When you put all of those together, who are you as a consumer?

Have you actually thought about it? Or do you just see something you like at the store and grab it? How does that quick jar you grabbed fit into your overall skincare goals, your routine, and your budget? Do you know?

Here are some choices to explore who you are: 

Are you a skinimalist? Someone who understands the value of cleansing and (most of the time) moisturizing, but doesn’t go beyond two or three simple steps that are quick and easy. 

Are you a ritualistSomeone who appreciates the thoughtful practice of cleansing, hydrating, and restoring your skin morning and night. While your routine is manageable, it takes an investment, includes more than four products, and is an important part of your day.

Are you an enthusiastSomeone who values, makes time for, and relishes the skincare process, who loves the immersive regimens of skincare and is fully invested in each thoughtful step to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and restore each and every day (usually more than once for as long as it takes).

Knowing the skincare process that works best for your skin, time, and budget is huge to understanding how you can authentically live by your own skincare rules. That’s why we’ve developed discovery tools for you to explore what your skincare persona is all about and how to get exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Take the Skincare Navigator quiz to determine what who you are as a skin-care-taker and embark on a journey to live by your own skincare rules, not by what you hear on commercials and see in ads. 

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