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More Than a Latte: 4 Ways Pumpkin Works Wonders in Skincare

More Than a Latte: 4 Ways Pumpkin Works Wonders in Skincare

There’s two kinds of people in this world: the ones who clap and jump up and down when their favorite coffee shop rolls out the fall favorites with the infamous PSL. Then there are those who have no idea what that last sentence even means.  Pumpkin spice - love it or hate it - obviously has a special spot in America’s heart and we are here for it. But not for the reasons you might think.

Sure, we love the scent, flavor, and all the jokes about pumpkin spice. But did you know that pumpkin can also be a powerful and effective ingredient in skincare?

Here’s why:

Pumpkin contains enzymes that speed up cell regeneration and promotes collagen production, leaving skin smoother, more radiant, with improved tone and elasticity.

Pumpkin contains vitamins A and C, which helps reverse UV damage and improve skin texture.

Pumpkin enzymes are packed with zinc, which helps control oil production and heal skin, making it safe for breakout-prone skin.

Pumpkin enzymes are a naturally gentle yet effective exfoliator.

So imagine pairing these awesome pumpkin properties with our signature Chaga-Infused formula (also packed with antioxidants) and other natural oils and emulsified creams. You’re gonna get something you love waaaay more than any pumpkin spiced latte. You’re going to get gentle, safe, natural skincare you love that delivers amazing, radiant results.

This is why we formulated each luxury item in our Seasonal Skincare Box pumpkin enzymes and Chaga. Have you ordered yours? Each box includes:

  • One full-size exclusive pumpkin enzyme mask to firm, brighten, and clear skin.
  • One full-size exclusive creamy cleanser with Chaga and pumpkin to remove impurities, clear pores, and deliver luxurious moisture deep within your skin.
  • One artisan candle with over 20 hours of burn time, made with natural soy wax and bursting with scents of vibrant citrus, cozy vanilla, and soothing eucalyptus.
  • One three-piece boxed set of our signature ultra-hydrating hand creams, each in our limited edition scents.
  • One limited edition full-size signature hand cream made with luxurious oils, hyaluronic acid and infused with Chaga.

And people are loving these boxes. 

“The creamy cleanser smells delicious, I wish I could eat it! The lotions go on so smooth and absorb quickly, so I'm left feeling radiant and smelling great!"

“This box makes gifting easy and hard. Easy because there is something for everyone. Hard because I want to keep it all for myself!”

Here's the catch: we only made a limited amount. Oops! To make it up to you, we're selling these boxes at only $75, plus free shipping. If you were to buy these clean, high-performance products separately, it would cost well over $125. But, we know your skin needs these products and we know you deserve it (and the latte, too!). Just don't wait to order!

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