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A Day in the Life of True North Beauty Founder Heather Lux

A Day in the Life of True North Beauty Founder Heather Lux

Ever since I left my corporate job I have had a lot of people ask me what my days are like now, since they are not filled with meetings and managing staff. There really is no real answer, since the life of an entrepreneur varies day to day. Some days are filled with meetings still, while others are spend filling bottles of product. Then there are the days where I get to travel to meet with potential wholesale customers or spend an entire day planning a photo shoot. While each day is different, there are some common treads. These are the things I try to do every day to help me stay on some kind of a routine and keep me focused and on task.

So I thought I would share with all of you what those things are that I do every day to keep me grounded and on track.

  1. Every morning I get up around 5am, and before I get out of bed I think of one thing that I’m grateful for that day. This helps me to start the day with positive thoughts and a good mood!
  1. Michael and I try to have breakfast together each morning. This is our time to connect in the morning to talk about our plans for the day. I'm also normally catching up on emails, social media, and reviewing the orders that came in overnight so I can plan out my day.
  1. Before I get started on the bulk of my work for the day, I spend some time on self-care (check out the blog post about it here). For me this has recently mean working out. I sometimes take a yoga class, but mostly I like to go to the YMCA and swim. I have taught myself how to swim and each lap makes me feel stronger physically and mentally. This is some of the most powerful time for me in my day and I leave feeling accomplished and ready to take on the rest of my day.
  1. I get ready for the day and do my morning ritual with my products. This includes using the Solid Facial Cleanser, Hydration Cream, Be True Body Oil, and Lip Serum. Some days I add in the Facial Polish when I want to give my face a good scrub.
  1. After my morning ritual, I review my to-do list and identify the items that are a priority. I use a bullet journal to organize the short term and long term projects and tasks (more on bullet journals next month!). This helps me to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and I am working towards meeting my goals. I spend about an hour or two working on my to-do list, always working on the priority items first. 
  1. I then go into the workshop and fill the orders that I reviewed from this morning so they are ready for the mail pick up by the afternoon. I love this part because I get to really focus on my individual customers and I pack their boxes. It is important to me that I fill the orders as soon as they come in, so my customers are never without their products and they can see how dedicated I am to making the ordering process as quick and easy as possible.
  1. Now we are at lunch time! After a busy, productive morning, I try to each lunch with Michael. Being together is important to us. I know there will come a day where I’m traveling more and will not be able to have lunch with him every day. But for now, I try to take advantage of every opportunity to fit in “together time” as much as possible, even if it is a quick lunch during the day.
  1. Here is where my days start to differ. I try to do the task type work in the morning and leave the creative work to the afternoon. My day may include talking with wholesale customers, planning out programs and initiatives, working on new products, writing material for blog posts, working on social media, ordering supplies, working with new vendors, scouting out new wholesale opportunities, and interacting with customers. However, at least one day a week is dedicated to production, where Michael and I work together in the shop. This is my favorite day. We get to turn up the music and spend all day making the high quality products that will enhance the confidence of our customers!
  1. I normally wrap up my day by 5pm and start making dinner with Michael. This is deliberate on my part. In my past I worked a lot of hours and spent a lot of time away from home. I have tried to shape my days and weeks in a way that I can truly have balance. Again, I know there will be a time when I will not be able to do this, but for now I work really had to have balance. Some evenings when we are sitting around, I may do some graphic design or social media work, but I always try to do this type of work outside of my office and in the same room as Michael.
  1. Finally, it is time to get ready for bed. We try to be in bed by 9pm (remember, we’re up by 5am!). Before bed I make sure to do my evening ritual. This includes using the Cleansing Oil, Facial Serum, Eye Cream, and Just Relax Body Oil. Doing this ritual, helps get my mind and body relaxed and ready for bed.

There you have it- a day in my life! I know that soon my days will look different as my company continues to grow and I become busier. More time will be spent traveling, meeting people, and working towards the next steps in building True North Beauty into a nationally recognized brand and this will require leaving my home office and workshop. But, I have always had the philosophy that I will cherish the “slower” times and not begrudge the more chaotic times. As my mother taught me, it is important to enjoy the journey on your way to achieving your goals.

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