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Am I Blushing? How Chaga Can Fix Those Embarrassing Moments

Am I Blushing? How Chaga Can Fix Those Embarrassing Moments

We all have that friend that gets all flushed after one glass of wine. In my circle, it’s me. I’m that friend. The one that everyone chuckles at after a mere sip of wine, surprised at the way my cheeks flush so quickly that it’s comical.  

Now I can laugh along, but for a long time it wasn’t funny. It was a big point of embarrassment. Why was this happening to me?

This was before I started my skincare (healthcare!) journey; before I really committed to understanding the interconnectedness of our skin’s health with the choices we make. It was years until I discovered that this flushing was rosacea, triggered by my food and drink choices. 

Even after plenty of research (and diving head-first into a lifestyle committed to natural, clean skincare), it’s still hard to explain rosacea. What is rosacea? How do you know if you’re experiencing rosacea? And what can you do about it?

Let me share what I’ve learned. Simply put, rosacea is a common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in your face. Sometimes it can appear like you’re just blushing and other times, it’s accompanied by small pimples, red bumps, and stinging, irritated skin. While 16 million Americans experience rosacea (now more than ever as mask wearing exacerbates the symptoms), there is not much known about the causes or cures.  It can appear when triggered by certain factors like the environment or lifestyle choices and can last hours, weeks, or months before going back into remission. Triggers can include sun exposure, heat and humidity, cold weather, stress, or food choices like spicy foods and alcohol. Ugh.

But even as I understood what was causing my bright red cheeks at happy hour, I knew it was impossible to live a life where you can’t ever have the food (or drinks!) you love or feel the sun on your face! And avoid stress? Yeah, right. And knowing the triggers doesn’t bring us any closer to finding a cure for rosacea. However, I’ve discovered that treating skin with soothing and calming skincare products can keep flare-ups at bay. 

 And what’s our favorite anti-inflammatory, naturally clean, soothing skincare ingredient?? Chaga! I was so relieved to discover that Chaga’s anti inflammatory properties targeted my rosacea with quick and effective results and knew others would feel the same way. This is just another example of how our Chaga-Infused skincare brings out the confident natural beauty in all of us and helps us achieve the healthy, clear skin we deserve.   

Although all of our products target the inflammation caused by rosacea, there are two products that are especially powerful in resolving this issue.

The Hydration Cream is formulated with our Chaga-Infused Formula and abundant in antioxidants. The silky, lightweight cream penetrates deep into the skin, bringing the anti-inflammatory properties of Chaga directly to the source to soothe and clear skin. By moisturizing with the Hydration Cream in the morning and at night, you are able to protect your  skin and quickly resolve any flare-ups with this rich, luxurious cream. Since it’s a daily part of my routine, I rarely see the redness that I used to before I used Chaga in my daily skincare ritual. Click to learn more about our Be True or UnScented Hydration Cream. 

The Cleansing Oil is another True North Beauty product with effective results in combating triggers of rosacea. The calming oils - comprised of natural ingredients high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties - hydrate, soothe, and reduce redness with a gentleness that doesn’t over strip or dry skin when used regularly. Click to learn more about our Be True or UnScented Cleansing Oil.

Together, these products soothe, protect, and combat the triggers of rosacea, all while allowing me to enjoy a healthy glow brought on by clean, clear skin, not alcohol-induced flushing. So while I might reach for these products to firm skin, reduce wrinkles, and clear acne, they are actually acting as super-agents against rosacea triggers and providing me a natural treatment to a longtime struggle.


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