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Hyperpigment-WHAT? How To Battle Blotches Naturally.

Hyperpigment-WHAT? How To Battle Blotches Naturally.

Our series continues as we explore the many ways that Chaga smooths, clears, protects, and renews skin. We've shared with you the science behind how Chaga grows and also the amazing the properties it extols

Cool, cool. But what does Chaga actually do to make a difference for your skin? Especially those pesky dark spots!

What's Up with Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation – called age spots, sun spots, and dark spots – can be caused by a number of factors, both genetics and environmental, like sun exposure.

For most of us, they become more frequent with age, when cell reproduction slows and melanin clumps in higher concentration with slow moving skin cells. 

Like all signs of aging, it’s natural and healthy. But it doesn’t mean we have to love it.

So how does Chaga combat dark spots? 

First, Chaga is packed with melanin (it has among the highest concentrations of melanin in the natural world!), which helps our skin maintain healthy levels of pigmentation and evens our skin tone.

Not only that, Chaga encourages new growth and production of melanin in our bodies. Higher melanin in our skin – which can increase from regular use of Chaga – protects us from UV rays and free radicals, which speeds up the signs of aging.

TLDR: Melanin diminishes the appearance of dark spots and protects and heals skin to prevent future dark spots from forming. 

But Chaga’s high levels of melanin isn’t the only way it works to even skin and diminish dark spots. Chaga is packed with antioxidants, which slows the aging process.

Antioxidants protect your skin and block harmful environmental factors (like pollution, sunlight, and stress!)  that speed up the aging process. Chaga's powerful antioxidants also increases the speed of cell regeneration, meaning you get plumper, softer, younger looking skin faster since the skin cells don't have time to clump melanin and leave uneven tone.  

Yup, Chaga is a dream ingredient when it comes to naturally achieving younger, healthier looking skin. But how can you apply it to your aging skin?

First, True North Beauty’s Facial Serum.

Our Be True or UnScented Facial Serum's highly concentrated treatment oils are lightweight and easily absorb.

This means they penetrate the skin quickly, bringing melanin deep below the skin’s surface.

Once there, the Chaga-Infused formula works to speed up natural cell turnover, breaking up dark spots and resulting in newer, younger looking skin.

By applying Facial Serum to your skin after washing (and leaving it on as an ultra-hydrating addition to your skincare ritual) you both heal and protect your skin from dark spots all day long.

Second, True North Beauty’s Hand Cream.

Did you know that your hands are actually the fastest aging skin on your body?

And there aren’t any quick fixes for this dead giveaway of your age (unless you’re committed to wearing gloves for the rest of your life!). This is why we formulated our new hand cream with high levels of Chaga and hyaluronic acid.

Together, these super agents plump skin with naturally occurring collagen (improving elasticity), smooth wrinkles with the production of new skin cells, and diminish dark spots with the high concentration of melanin.

So, while dark spots might not be first on your list when examining your face in the mirror for signs of aging, it can be big trouble when you’re looking to achieve a natural youthful glow. Luckily, Chaga is the all-in-one ingredient to address so many of your skin condition concerns! And all of our natural, clean products include Chaga-infused oils to help you confidently glow, inside and out. 

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