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Confidence on a Budget

Confidence on a Budget

True North Beauty is a brand that is built on inspiring confidence through healthy, beautiful skin. We also aim to reinforce confidence by showcasing people for our #TrueBeautyTuesday posts, providing positive affirmations from our #MondayMantras, and our weekly lifestyle blog posts. One thing we notice is that people are more confident when they believe they look good and feel good. Feeling good is all about mindset but looking good is more about appearance, and how you feel can sometimes be effected by how you look.

You know that feeling when you leave the hair salon after a fresh wash, cut, and blow dry? I always walk out of the salon with an extra bounce in my step because I love how my hair looks and it immediately makes me feel more confident. It makes me feel so good that wish I could bring my hairdresser home to blow dry and style my hair every day! But unfortunately I can’t and the reality is, that getting that extra boost of confidence costs me time and money and isn’t something I have done every day to boost my confidence. So that’s why for this blog post we wanted to talk about how you can get an extra boost of confidence while you’re on a budget! I will highlight a few things that I do to help save me time and money but also help me to feel good about myself. If you have any other ideas or tips yourself, please share them in the comments below as they could be very helpful to others!

Nails: Just like getting my hair done, I look at going to the nail salon as a treat and something I wish I could have done every week, but is not cost or time effective. My treat is to get gel manicures. They last longer than nail polish and I love getting pampered with the lotions and massages they give you at the salon. But sometimes it is hard to get to the salon and keep my nails looking good and not chipped. That’s where Color Street Polish Strips come in! My friend Traci Nickerson introduced them to me and they are super easy to apply and last a long time! They do take a little practice to get them just right, but it is an instant, dry manicure in under 10 minutes! If you are interested in trying them yourself, reach out to her on her Facebook Page!

Coffee: How many of you have a coffee habit? More specifically, how many of you have a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks habit? I used to always grab a drink from Dunkin Donuts on my way to work and never really gave a thought to spending $2 or $3 every other day on coffee or tea. Everyone in the office would walk in with their coffee and there is something about carrying around and sipping a coffee that makes me feel more alert ready to take on the day. It wasn’t until I started budgeting (more on that in a later blog) that I realized exactly how much I was spending in a month on drinks! I finally decided that I did not need this daily treat and could get the same feeling at a much lesser cost if I just made my coffee at home and brought it in with me. I now look at going to Dunkin as a special treat and not a habit.

Date Night: There is something about getting all dolled up and going out for a date night on the town with your significant other. Putting on your favorite dress, doing your hair, makeup, nails, and wearing a pair of heels all make you look great and feel great. You are getting dressed up for a night out and you know you are going to have fun, see people, and have dinner at a nice restaurant. You look good and you feel good but again, it’s not something you can do every single night – it gets costly to go out for dinner, drinks, movie, etc. But just because you aren’t going out, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a date night in and still get dressed up and feel good. Try a date night at home for a change from the usual routine and add a boost of confidence to your day. Instead of dining out, try cooking a new recipe or make an old favorite for dinner, set the table with candles, pick out a movie for later, and still get dressed up. Get ready and get dressed like you would for a night out, just the routine of it will start to make you feel good and you will look forward to your date night in.

There you have it! Some ways to save money on your habits and still feel confident! I hope you can implement some of these tips and please share some of your own below!

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