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Happiness = Success

Happiness = Success

Two weeks ago our #MondayMantra was Happiness = Success. It was such an interesting topic and I felt that I couldn’t get into it as much in a FB post as I could a blog post so for this week’s blog, I wanted to expound on the topic.

Here is the post from Facebook:

The podcast I was speaking of is The Tim Ferriss Show, episode #325 “Lessons from Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, and Other Icons.” While the podcast had a lot of good information in it, one piece jumped out at me and it was the part about how working on yourself and helping others attributes to success. The specific section on success is from 16:00 -19:06 and is with Derick Sivers. It is really cerebral and he touches on a lot of different topics, but I found his point of view fascinating and it is worth the listen. If you want to give it a listen here is the link to the podcast. 

The basic idea behind this is something that I have touched on before, like in my blog post about self-love and self-care. You first have to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself before you can help others and give your time and efforts to them. It is like a car and a gas tank, say your friends need a ride but if you are running on empty you can’t take yourself or any of your friends anywhere. How do you react to it? Do you get mad and blame the car or others for the tank being empty or do you take the time to stop and go fill it up? If you get mad and blame others, the tank will never be full. But if you take the time to stop, regroup, and go to the gas station, you will have a full tank. Once the tank is full, you can help your friends out with a ride and go for miles; you can take yourself and your friends anywhere. Think of how successful you can be when you have a full tank and are helping out others! Kindness breeds kindness and allows people to feel success and happiness.

Since the podcast defined success as mastering your internal dialogue and your actions/reactions, the way you approach an empty gas tank can be looked at as the same way you think about yourself. The best thing to do is to always get gas in the tank before you get too low and have a harder time coming back from empty. Just like yourself, if you feel your capacity for self-love and self-care is slipping, you should take the time to do some things to center you before you get too low and too off balance.

I really hope that you take the time to give the podcast a listen and start to implement some of the changes in your day to day life to help keep your tank full so you can succeed. If you do, please leave me your feedback in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts on the podcast!

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