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Five Ways True North Finds You an Easy, Affordable Skincare Ritual That Works!

Five Ways True North Finds You an Easy, Affordable Skincare Ritual That Works!

You open the medicine cabinet and six different serums topple out. The expensive bottles that promised firm skin, even tone - and everything in between - clank noisily against each other in the sink.

They don’t all fit on their shared shelf (and, to be honest, you’ve stopped using them months ago) but you can’t get rid of them. No, no. They cost too much money to be trashed. So, you patiently place them back in a line and gently close the door… until the next time you need something, and a paycheck’s worth of product falls out all over again.

Sound like a familiar cycle of skincare misery? You’re not alone. In fact, #shelfies has been trending since 2018 as a way for consumers to share just how many products they’ve amassed on their packed and pricey beauty shelves.

But it’s 2021. We know better now. We know that an expensive collection of duplicative products is not only bad for our wallet, it’s bad for the environment.

At True North Beauty, we want you to have the best products for your skin, at the best price, with minimal impact on the environment. But before all that: we want you to find and love products that work for you!

Which is what leads us to our commitment in 2021: providing lots of quick, easy ways for you to find your skincare ritual.

As we finalize our skincare quiz, (set to launch this summer!!) let’s dive into some ways you can find the right ritual for you now.

Beauty Chats

Our Beauty Chats with Brittney offer a personalized, one-on-one consultation with True North’s Director of Education and Experience, Brittney Scigliano. With a Beauty Chat, you complete a short evaluation about your skincare goals, schedule a chat when it works best for you, then participate in an individualized 30 minute Zoom meeting, designed just for you, all about you. Brittney is a skincare expert that understands exactly what your skin needs to look and feel healthy, beautiful, and bright. All Beauty Chats are free (and we even throw in a discount code for future products!), but there is no obligation to buy. We want you to discover clean, healthy skin for natural, confident beauty from the comfort of your own home; no strings attached! Click here to learn more!

Boxes & Kits

Want to start small as you get to know us? Our exclusive line of Beauty Boxes and Kits allows you to try several different products all at once at an affordable price. Our Beauty Box is a four-piece petite collection with Solid Cleanser, Hydration Cream, Oil Cleanser, and Face Polish, each formulated to provide your skin antioxidant-rich nourishment to clean, exfoliate, and

hydrate. The US Box is also a four-piece petite collection, but includes the Solid Cleanser, Hydration Cream, Oil Cleanser, and Facial Serum. If neither of these sound like good options, build your Own Skincare Bag: choose up to five products to address and treat your personal skincare needs.

Inner Circle

Have questions? Want to learn how others use their products? Want advice from people just like you? Join our Inner Circle, a small Facebook community where we tackle skincare issues, share lifestyle tips, help each other with personal and professional goals, and share information about our products. We’d love to have you join us!


We totally understand that investing in skincare on the heels of a pandemic and global financial crisis can feel, well, frivolous. But if there is anything to be learned from the past year, it’s that you can’t pour from an empty cup. You have to take care of yourself, first and foremost (and especially if you have others depending on you!). That is why True North is happy to offer AfterPay, the simple payment method that allows you to break one payment into six weekly payments with no interest. Smaller rates with reminders and check-ins, free of cost, that makes purchases less stressful and more manageable.

Our Commitment

More than anything we hope to achieve as a skincare brand, our biggest commitment is to you. We are wholly invested in you. We want True North Beauty to offer you skincare that you love, can afford, that gives you confidence in your skin, and helps your true, natural beauty shine through. We want to hear from you, learn from you, and build a brand with you that you love! (And did you know we offer 100% money-back guarantee on all products, just in case?!).

We know that you deserve it all. We just hope you’ll take us along on your ride to greatness!

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