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Can We Make Self-Care A Little Easier?

Can We Make Self-Care A Little Easier?

Self-care has gotten a bad rap. 

Either we hear it and we think, “who has time for that?” Or we want it, but it’s too expensive. And to be honest, somehow self-care seems to have evolved to be synonymous with just ‘alone time.’ (Even if that alone time means doing laundry or cleaning bathrooms. Sound familiar?)

Why are we selling ourselves short?

Honestly, it’s because real self-care is hard. Finding something you love, investing it, keeping up with it… it’s a lot. Besides, how many of us have that voice in our heads asking us if we even deserve nice things? 

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a long list of reasons you should push past the hard because you’re worth it (even though I want to – and believe me, you are worth it!). 

Today we are going to keep it real: investing in yourself with quality, effective skincare that you love can be hard to find and even harder to afford. But I want to help you with that problem. I realize that many of you reading this make decisions every month about whether to keep investing or just grab a bottle of face cream at the drug store. While I can’t tell you what to do with your time and money, I can tell you about some really simple, amazing ways we are able to help you get skincare you deserve at a price that makes you feel comfortable (and confident!) with your investment.  And that – I promise – is worth it. Let’s talk about what we can do.

Let’s Talk Price

First, let’s break down the price; we’ll use the Solid Cleanser as our example. Spending $28 on a face cleanser might feel unsustainable, especially when a bar at the drug store can cost seven dollars. But, one TNB Solid Cleanser & Konjac sponge lasts up to six months when used daily. That’s $56 a year (.16 per day) for cleanser. Your $7 bottle usually lasts about six weeks. That’s eight bottles a year, which ends up costing… $56. So with the time and gas of driving back and forth to the store, you aren’t actually saving there. 

Let’s Talk Ingredients

Next, let’s talk about ingredients. The Solid Cleanser is formulated with Chaga, which has the highest concentration of antioxidants on earth. The powerful properties in our products protect skin from sun damage, pollutants, and can even battle the signs of stress on your skin. Chaga is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, keeping pores clear and clean, preventing breakouts, reducing redness, and evening tone. The Solid Cleanser is infused with natural oils, which moisturize skin; and each purchase comes with a Konjac sponge, designed to gently exfoliate skin while you cleanse. So, with the Solid Cleanser, you nearly get an entire skincare routine in one; with one purchase, you skip the need to buy toner, exfoliating pads, and acne cream along with your cleanser, all of which can quickly add to your bottom line.

Let’s Talk Skin Minimalism 

Last, it’s about our intentions. We are intentional about all of this. Believe it or not, our end goal is not to have your sink tops and shelves overflowing with True North products. We are skinimalists. We believe in a simple, easy ritual that takes out the extra purchases and extra time required by most designer labels in the beauty industry. Our products are specially formulated so that you don’t need a cleanser for winter and a cleanser for summer. Or something to remove your makeup and then clean your face. Or something to address your dark spots but also tighten and firm. We design only the products you need (all year long!) so that your skincare ritual is streamlined, cutting back on the costs but also the environmental impact of how much waste is created with all these plastic beauty bottles and jars. 

When I formulate each product, I do it with our customers in mind. I want the best possible ingredients, clean and cruelty free, that work in a multitude of ways to achieve your skincare goals. I want what is best for your skin, but also for your family, for your wallet, and for our environment. 

So why stop at just what we formulate? Here are a few more ways that True North helps you get, keep, and afford the confident, natural beauty you deserve.  

Beauty Chats
Our Beauty Chats with Brittney offer a personalized, one-on-one consultation with True North’s Director of Education and Experience, Brittney Scigliano. We do this so that you can find the skincare that works best for you, instead of purchasing (and wasting) product after product trying to find the best fit. Beauty Chats allow you to discover healthy skin for natural, confident beauty from the comfort of your own home; no strings attached! Click here to learn more!

Boxes & Kits

Want to start small as you get to know what works best for you? We get it; why buy big when you’re not sure if you’ll like it? That’s why we offer our exclusive line of Beauty Boxes and Kits, which allows you to try several different products at an affordable price. This four-piece deluxe mini collection cleans, hydrates, and exfoliates and lasts up to four weeks, so you see results even before you commit! Or you can build your Own Skincare Bag: choose up to five products to address and treat your personal skincare needs.

Inner Circle

Have questions? Want to learn how others use their products? Want advice from people just like you? Join our Inner Circle, a small Facebook community where you can learn how others find, keep, and invest in our products year round. 

Making a big purchase at once, especially on something that can feel frivolous like skincare, can be stressful. That is why True North is happy to offer AfterPay, the simple payment method that allows you to break one payment into six weekly payments with no interest. Smaller rates with reminders and check-ins, free of cost, that makes purchases less stressful and more manageable. And while you’re making decisions on how to pay, did you know that we also offer free shipping for orders over $75 (because who doesn’t want free shipping)?

Our Commitment
More than anything we hope to achieve as a skincare brand, our biggest commitment is to you. We want True North Beauty to offer you skincare that you love, can afford, that gives you confidence in your skin, and helps your true, natural beauty shine through. (And did you know we offer 100% money-back guarantee on all products, just in case?!). 

We want to hear from you, learn from you, and build a brand with you that you love! Follow us on social media or email us at and tell us what you think!

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