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Finding our True North®

If Less is More, Then Why Aren’t We Doing It? Part Two (Yes, we see the irony in a less-is-more blog needing two parts!)

If Less is More, Then Why Aren’t We Doing It? Part Two (Yes, we see the irony in a less-is-more blog needing two parts!)

As Shakespeare famously penned for Hamlet, “Know thyself and to thine self be true.” 

If only it were that easy, Billy. 

These past couple of weeks we’ve been exploring how a commitment to living an authentic life can be both freeing… and really, really hard. We’ve covered ways we can help you ‘know thyself’ (at least when it comes to skincare choices – and that’s not nothing!). Today, we’ll talk about being true to yourself. 

It starts with honesty. Thus, step two is: be honest with yourself. I told you, it’s not really a ‘secret.’ But stay with me. 

Why do you think the beauty industry has a more-is-more mentality? With more products, more steps you have to follow, and more reasons to use skincare (For winter! For summer! For in between! For a certain age! For different skin types! Ugh, it’s a lot.) the industry preserves demand, thus making products indisputable and securing a pretty steady stream of revenue.  

Here is where you have to be honest with yourself. Do you need to buy into that? (And I mean that literally and figuratively.) Or are you greater than that expectation that we line our shelves with hundreds of products, thus chasing the more-is-more lifestyle, and supposedly achieving our own self-worth? 

Think about it. How much do we buy, use, change, etc. based on what the industry is telling us? Sure, sometimes we might need extra hydration after a long cold spell in winter or after a sunburn. But overhydrating each night because that is what you saw in a commercial to achieve ‘radiant skin’ might not be what your skin needs. We have to start making choices (and purchases) based on our own personal skincare needs, not because there is a quick fix that a celebrity told us to buy. And while we are at it, let’s just think about how confusing it is for our skin to go back and forth with products. When we have some products stripping the oils, followed immediately by other products that over-moisturize then you’re stuck with more oils than when you started. How can your skin adjust? And this pingponging of products isn’t just hard on your skin; it’s an expensive endeavor. 

This is where we hope True North Beauty differs from the beauty industry overall. Sure, we love beauty, we love skincare, and we love that feeling you get when you like what you see in the mirror. But not at the cost of producing more waste, creating products for the sake of new products, and making you believe you don’t already look beautiful when you look in the mirror. We aren’t afraid to be honest with our ingredients. Most companies will roll out a ‘new formulation’ with ‘new ingredients’ every quarter to convince you that you need the next best thing (when really, you probably already have that ingredient in most of your skincare). This feels like it’s the same ol’ gimmick, just in a different jar this time around.

I created True North to break the cycle I was stuck in: buy, use, dislike, change my mind, buy, use, dislike, and so on. It was wasteful and more importantly, nothing worked. That’s when I found Chaga and realized that this super-ingredient really can do-it-all. As long as Chaga is in your skincare, you don’t need to buy products for wrinkles, acne, dryness, and sunspots, etc. You need fewer products that achieve maximum results. Stop wasting your counter space, your money, and your time.  Our products are designed with the natural ingredients you need -  packed with antioxidants -  to safeguard from skin damage, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, clear pores and prevent breakouts, and even tone. All in one. And that is not going to change just so that we can sell more products. It doesn’t need to change because it works. And that is all I care about. 

We understand that this approach isn’t for everyone. We know it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to only offer minimal products. Believe me… plenty of people have made this clear. They ask, how can that be sustainable?

Oddly enough – that’s what True North Beauty is all about. Sustainability. For your budget, your sanity(!) (who can follow that many steps to clean and hydrate a face?!), for the health of your skin, and for the earth. We are committed to keeping plastics, waste, and cost low. We only develop products using the ingredients that are formulated to give your skin everything it needs. We keep waste low by only using glass and recyclable containers, and check out our latest Love Letter on ways we keep your skincare costs accessible.

So while we may not be able to break the code on how to live a universally authentic life in all of your choices, behaviors, and goals, we can at least help you put your best face forward in a genuine way that you feel good about. And that is enough for us… for now…

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