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Ways to Battle Dry, Itchy Winter Skin (and love winter again!)

Ways to Battle Dry, Itchy Winter Skin (and love winter again!)

January always feels like the hardest month. In between holidays and hopeful signs of spring, January just seems to drag. The bitter cold and icy winds we've had this year isn't helping. 

Never one to wallow and complain (and because I'd watched just about everything available on Netflix already), I decided to do something productive and hopefully find some joy in this season along the way. I donned my warmest socks, built a cozy fire in my woodstove, and set to work.

You know what? I did it. Looking to Mother Nature herself for inspiration, I used ingredients that thrive in the dark, cold of winter and formulated with rich oils to create products that are naturally designed to soothe, heal, and protect itchy, dry winter skin. And because once I started, I couldn't stop, I created an entire Seasonal Skincare Box, filled with full-sized luxe products to keep your skin calm and you feeling cozy all winter. Let's check it out what's in the box: 

Creamy Cleanser

First up, our signature creamy cleanser. This cleanser is specially formulated with velvety smooth cranberry butter that will sink moisture deep into skin without clogging pores. Cranberries are incredibly high in Vitamins C and E, which fight the signs of aging, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and diminishes age spots and loss of elasticity. Cranberry, paired with our signature Chaga-Infused formula and luxurious oils, provides gentle exfoliation to buff and restore your natural glow while cleansing and hydrating. 

Face Mask

In the winter, our skin is already sensitive and exfoliating can be aggravating. But what can help dry, itchy winter skin? A face mask! I developed this gentle mask with rich cranberry butter and Niacinamide (B3). Using a mask gives your skin time to absorb the powerful nutrients. The mask gently wipes away with warm water; no scrubbing needed, which keeps skin soothed and protected. Gentle enough to use two to three times a week and guaranteed to keep skin from itching, flaking, and cracking.

Hand Cream with Chaga and Hyaluronic Acid

Oy, our poor hands. This winter wind is no match for the sensitive skin on our hands, which is why I worked extra hard developing a unique blend of Chaga-infused oils and hyaluronic acid to soften, smooth, and protect. This hand cream will instantly soothe itchy, cracked hands and absorbs quickly, providing a layer of protection. It is available in our box (full sized!) and scented with the light, crisp aromas of winter. 

Lip Polish

This is brand new to True North! Our first formulation of lip polish, and I honestly don't think I could love it more. Using natural oils and sugars, this lip polish is a gentle yet effective way to remove dead skin, which leads to dry, chapped lips. We used caramel sugars because remember, treating yourself is a crucial part of self-care!

Lip Balm

The second new product - offered only in our seasonal skincare box - is our luxuriously delicious lip balm. Formulated with rich, natural oils infused with Chaga, beeswax, and lanolin to draw in moisture for your lips and provide a light, dewy glow. Using natural ingredients and quality oils makes this lip balm creamy and soft without that tacky, gooey feeling.

Natural Glow Body Oil

While we created this box for you, it doesn’t mean you can’t share! The last signature item - exclusive to the Winter Seasonal Skincare Box - is the perfect item to share on Valentine’s Day: a specially formulated natural body oil that offers maximum hydration, the perfect glide for massaging and is scented with warm, sensual flavors perfect, natural, and safe to enjoy all over. 

This box has everything you need to heal itchy, dry winter skin, protect from harsh winds and dry indoor air, and actually enjoy this season with warm, winter scents and calming ingredients and aromas.

Still looking to our muse, Mother Nature, we know this box will inspire the same sense of comfort, coziness, warmth, peace, and calm that each product was designed to evoke for your senses and skin.

Enjoy it for yourself, gift it to a partner or friend, or share with the ones you love. There is truly something to make everyone feel taken care of, comfortable, and snuggly.

Order yours today. Supply is limited and you - and your skin! - do not want to miss out!


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