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Finding our True North®

What is Beauty?

Over the past few months I have spent a lot of time thinking about the definition of beauty. I could not get the question "What is beauty?" out of my mind.  I was not thinking about the Cosmo beauty that we have all grown up comparing ourselves to and never able to live up to...but true beauty....the type that does not fade but actually seems to grow stronger over time. 

I read countless beauty blogs, studied some of the most beautiful women and spent hours people watching.  It wasn't until one afternoon that I was out and saw a group of women having lunch together that it hit me.  Amongst this group of extremely beautiful women was one that clearly stood out...not because she had the most perfect makeup, hair or body but because of the blinding confidence that radiated from her. She stood tall, carried herself with an amazing grace and had a warmth about her that could be felt by all.  She you could tell she was full of joy and comfortable in her own skin.  Like you, I've heard all of the adages about internal beauty but this was the first time I saw with my own eyes link between confidence and beauty.   

I instantly became inspired because unlike good genes, or wealth to buy beauty, each of us already possess the “raw ingredients” to be just as beautiful as that woman at lunch.   You see, I've come to believe that we all are born with the same traits that contribute to confidence. So why do some people seem more confident than others?  I believe the women who radiate the most confident beauty are those who have figured out the importance of actively nourishing these traits. It’s not by accident they are so confidant but rather it is something they consciously or subconsciously cultivate.

So what are these traits?
My unrelenting obsession on this topic has led me to 7 unique traits what were most prevalent in the women I studied. I have started referring to these traits as the Hallmarks of Confident Beauty.  
~ Believes in her authenticity 
~ Practices self-confidence rituals
~ Trust her intuition
~ Embraces her purpose and passion
~ Lives a healthy lifestyle
~ Celebrates her perfect imperfections
~ Empowers other women

What do you think about the list? Over the coming weeks we will explore these Hallmarks. You may already have mastered some of these traits and if so I hope you will share your stories!  Others may still be a work in progress…and that ok too. Regardless where you are on your journey know that it’s a worthy investment….it’s an investment in you.

Beauty is an inside job!


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