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How to Care About Self-Care

How to Care About Self-Care

Unpopular opinion: self-care is too hard for us to actually enjoy. Most of us barely find time to brush our teeth, let alone design and invest in a routine that makes us feel relaxed.

And then, once you find something you enjoy, chances are that nagging voice in your head tells you it’s too expensive or you don’t have time for it. [Insert big groan and eye roll.] Something’s gotta give.

So, let me tell you what I’ve been doing. I’ve been thinking about how to make it easier, faster, and more affordable for you to (at the very least!) enjoy a simple ritual that can boost your confidence and help you feel beautiful inside and out.

It's all about Skinimalism.

True North Beauty embraces a simple, minimal approach to beauty that you can feel good about without breaking the bank or breaking your neck trying to find a time to squeeze it in!  

It starts with designing skincare with multitasking ingredients that you can trust. By harnessing the power of Chaga, our skincare products remove impurities, clear pores, hydrate, and combat aging all at once. We design only the products you need (so when you don't see us selling you toner, it's because you don't need toner! Trust me!).

We're not all about a profit here. We truly just want you to live the life you deserve, where you look and feel your very best. So I created skincare that is  good for your skin, your sanity, your wallet, and the environment. By formulating products sustainably harvested in nature, and creating only the products you need, we create less waste. 

Not sure where to start? Schedule a free Beauty Chat with Brittney, our Director of Engagement and Education and super-cool human. She'll talk to you about your skin, your time, and your budget and how True North Beauty can fit your lifestyle. It’s a stress-free, no pressure way to take the first step toward self-care that you deserve.

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