Get Off the Fence: We've Got Your Answers.

So, you read our last blog and you’re still not convinced that you need a Seasonal Skincare Box. I get it. You’ve heard about the hearty winter ingredients, formulated with nature’s toughest resources. You know these specialty products are packed with antioxidants and designed to deliver hydration. But you might be thinking: I already get all that in True North’s core products; why get more?

Well, we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: because it’s fun! And it’s an extra special and luxurious way to rescue your dry, itchy winter skin. But you’re still not convinced.

What if I told you to go back to the beginning?

That’s right, the beginning. When people first come to True North,we welcome them with three unique pathways to learn about our products anddiscover the best skincare ritual for their personal skincare needs:

  • The Skincare Navigator, a quick and easy quiz to find what products work best for your skin type.

  • The Ritual Starter Kits, delivered in perfectly curated boxes of try-me-sized popular products.

  • And our Beauty Chats, our free and personalized consultation with Brittney, our Director of Education and Experience, to help you discover what your skin needs to be clear, healthy, and glowing.

And that’s where we should start: Beauty Chats. Hear me out: you may think that Beauty Chats are only for customers new to True North looking to discover what products they should use. Or maybe you’ve already had one so you think, ‘why should I schedule another?’

Here’s why you should just schedule one:

Brittney knows True North.

Brittney, our Director of Education and Experience, has been with the company for years and has been integral to the design, selection, and determination of which products should be included in each seasonal box. (And – fun fact! – last month she was snowed in at the lab, so she personally helped formulate and package every product in the Winter Box!).

Brittney knows skin.

As a licensed aesthetician, she is knowledgeable and experienced in understanding what our skin needs, how our skin changes during different seasons (see last week’s blog!), and how to address each person’s unique skincare needs. 

It's free!

And there is no obligation to buy, truly. (We should maybe have a separate list all about Brittney: the kindest, gentlest person we know, so she really won’t pressure you. This of this more as an opportunity to make a new friend!). 

We want this for you.

Is that a good enough reason? We know that taking time out of your wild schedule is hard, especially when it feels like something as trivial’ as learning about your skin. But that’s not trivial. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. You should make time to learn about your skin and what you can do to keep it healthy.

You deserve it.

You deserve to take time out of your day to meet with an expert like Brittney who is dedicated to you and only you so that you understand how you can look and feel your best. Skincare is self-care! Self-care is health care! This is important to your entire well-being and overall health.

Our team is committed to providing you with luxury experiences you deserve, can afford, and are able to fit into your busy schedule. We believe that skincare has the power to transport you. And while our team isn’t in the business of ushering you away to a tropical island, we believe that when you use skincare that soothes and comforts, with natural, cruelty-free ingredients that smell soft, gentle, and luxurious, it’s like a magical escape all on its own. 

That’s why we make products that feel great to use: for your skin, your conscience, and your wallet.  And we want you to feel confident with your purchases. So ask your questions before you buy(even if you do buy, all products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!). We hope you’ll take some time to know just how much you need this, and just how much you deserve this.

You're worth it.